Load cells and statistics

Weighing solution combined with software ensures maximum productivity

Weighing solution combined with software

Key facts

“Connections that stand the test of time” isn’t just a slogan that encapsulates Ramsauer GmbH & Co KG, it’s also the company’s philosophy.

Ramsauer is the Austrian market leader for sealants, adhesives and PU foams, and they rely on Minebea Intec’s expertise to deliver raw materials and check pre-packaging.

Application & Product

After weighing the raw material tanks, dosing it into floor scales, mixing and filling, a sample check is carried out for the finished products.

  • Precision load cell PR6201/24D1 with MaxiFlexlock PR6001/..S
  • 4 lift up floor scales with frame for pit installation
  • SPC@Enterprise with 3 Combics 2 scales

Customer benefits

  • Using extremely precise weighing technology combined with software for statistical process control ensures optimum productivity
  • Professional consultation during the engineering phase with clear demo equipment
  • Compact products, which are robust and easy to install and operate
  • Quality product with “German Quality“

"Minebea Intec’s precise weighing technology had already won us over, but using it in combination with the software SPC@Enterprise hugely surpassed our expectations. The whole package just worked wonders."

Dipl. Ing. Kornelius Kurz
Ramsauer Management Team

Ramsauer GmbH & Co KG planned and developed a tank farm with engineering firm WK-Tech, which consists of eight 50mstainless steel tanks, as an integral part of the production system. At the bottom end of the tank system, it’s possible to fill up raw material from lorries is unloaded and distributed to the respective tanks, at the top end of the system, raw materialsare dosed into the dedicated mixing tanks, based on a formula from the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

One requirement of the raw material input process was to be able to compare the weight of all incoming quantities of raw material with the weight specification on the order. The stocks in the ERP system are maintained based on this information. Depletion can be calculated accordingly. 

In addition, the solution usedshould guarantee that no raw material is inadvertently conveyed into an incorrect tank during delivery. To ensure that this doesn’t occur, the plant manufacturer placed each of the tanks on three load cells (PR 6201/24D1), and introduced a hose system marked with barcodes.

The tanks’ fill level canbe measured at any time with the system’s 1 kg measuringaccuracy, and the marked hoses ensure that the conveyorlines never get mixed up in the process.With regards to raw material sampling, it was crucial for thevarious raw materials to be dosed into the mixing tanks - toa specific formula. It was also necessary to be able to takesamples at multiple stations simultaneously.To meet these requirements, three floor scales (CAAPS4-3000RR-I) with a measuring accuracy of 0.1 kg were used toassist the control software in monitoring the dosing process.

The quantity actually sampledis logged during the processand then compared withthe ERP system. This meansthat the quantity stated onthe production order can becompared with the sampledquantity from the tank farm.

Even after the finishedproducts have been filled up, Ramsauer continues to rely on Minebea Intec products. Thesoftware SPC@Enterprise (PC logging) can be used to checkthe finished products on three lines using calibrated samplingscales, which then transmit the data to the ERP system.

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