Industrial scales IF

For precise weighing results and simple loading and unloading

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Image showing Minebea Intecs Flatbed scale IF

Large variety of models

Platforms in a wide range of designs and dimensions

From 150 kg to 3,000 kg

load ranges for every application

Resolution up to 30,000 d

In legal metrology up to 2 x 3000 e

For every requirement

Verifiable version and Ex solutions included

Product details Flat-bed scale IF

The IF flat-bed scale was developed for use close to the floor in tough industrial environments. It is a high-quality, flexible as well as mobile weighing station and is used in the production process wherever reliable measurement results and hygienic solutions are required. IF floor scales are available in different sizes, versions, weighing ranges and resolutions. Equipped with particularly precise resolution strain gauge weighing systems. Adjustable in their readability as high-resolution (15,000 or 30,000 d) or as legal-for-trade version (1 x 3,000 d/e or 2 x 3,000 d/e). Connectable to the Minebea Intec control units Combics weighing indicators.


  • ATEX
  • EAC


  • Classification
  • Counting
  • Fill quantity control
  • Filling and Dosing
  • Formulation
  • Statistical process control
  • Statistics
  • Weighing


Product type

  • Flat-bed scale
  • floor scale for versatile use

Product handling

  • Maximum weighing close to the floor
  • Suitable for almost any industrial environment

Protection class

IP 65, IP 68 or IP 69


steel, stainless steel

Product enhancements

Why a flat-bed scale from Minebea Intec?

  • Ergonomic design for easy handling
  • Hygienic Design, e.g. for use in clean rooms
  • Tough and robust for use with aggressive substances
  • Easy dry and wet cleaning
  • Rollers and steering drawbar for mobility
  • Reliable construction guaranteeing low maintenance costs and a long service life

Standard flat-bed scale IF

Low platform height and very short ramp with minimal incline to save on space. Available with drive-through protection, additional transport handles and rollers, among other options.

Flat-bed scale IF with pneumatic lift mechanism

Ideal for stationary use. For complete cleaning of the scale and floor, the platform is just folded up. Available with a second ramp or as a weighing solution for operation by one person, among other options.

Flat-bed scale IF with rollers

The version with retractable wheels can be pushed by one person, making it ideal for use in a number of different locations and for easy floor cleaning. Available with retractable wheels or steering drawbar and drive through protection, among other options.

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Best Practice

  • Key facts
  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Customer
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Hygienic container weighing Minebea Intec’s products support the creation of a vaccine against Corona

Key facts

For the research and development of vaccines, every detail has to be critically controlled to ensure the resulting products are exactly what is needed. For the accurate monitoring and controlling of the weight, CanSino chose Minebea Intec to provide the right solutions.

More about the challenge


The development and production of vaccines sets the highest standards for the precision of weighing technologies. For this purpose, the devices and systems must be maximally hygienic and easy to clean. The manufacturing processes are complex and time-consuming. In addition to weighing the process containers using load cells and weighing electronics from Minebea Intec, a dosing solution was also required to formulate the final vaccine.

More about the solution


Vaccines cannot be delivered "pure" to humans, but must be supplemented with adjuvants and stabilisers. This is where a mobile IF floor scale from Minebea Intec comes into play: it offers a very high weighing resolution of up to 30,000 d and additionally favours the process with its high-quality materials, making it ideal for demanding environments. The cleaned raw material is placed in a container on the floor scale, the other ingredients are then added via the scale's recipe function. The low platform height of 35 mm and the integrated drive-on ramp make it easy to move the container onto the scale. Thanks to the integrated lifting mechanism, a single person can lift the platform to perform cleaning without assistance.

More about the client


Founded in Tianjin, China 2009, CanSino Biologics Inc. is an innovative biopharmaceutical company for human use vaccine R&D, manufacturing and commercialization. It has an R&D centre of approximately 120,000 square-feet as well as a 380,000 square-feet commercial manufacturing campus.

Industrial solutions Our products for your production processes

Our systems and services are oriented towards the requirements of our customers from a wide range of industries. In this way, we ensure that with Minebea Intec you can design your production processes safely and efficiently without having to make compromises. This starts with individual product features and stops only after exceeding global standards.

  • Agriculture
  • Building Materials
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Machinery / OEM
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Confectionery
  • Plastics
  • Dairy
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The processes in the agricultural industry require robust, reliable solutions with safe measurement results. From truck weighing to metal detection, Minebea Intec’s extensive range of weighing and foreign body inspection products, both automated and manual, has a high-quality solution for every need.

Our solutions for agriculture industry

Building Materials

For the weighing of building materials, the Minebea Intec portfolio offers the appropriate robustness, durability and IP protection class. Robust dosing, filling and metal detection equipment is also supplied.

Our solutions for the building materials industry


Minebea Intec offers innovative and robust weighing and inspection technologies for the chemical industry.

Our solutions for chemical industry


The highly automated processes in cosmetics production require precise measurement results. Minebea Intec offers versatile industrial weighing solutions for a wide range of applications as well as a broad spectrum of dosing, formulation, sorting, filling and packaging solutions.

Our solutions for cosmetics industry

Food & Beverage

Minebea Intec is a leading supplier of weighing and inspection technologies to the food and beverage production industry. Armed with a deep understanding of the challenges food and drink manufacturers face, the company has developed a range of products and solutions that are perfectly tailored to meet their needs in relation to quality and food/drink safety, while also enhancing efficiency and protecting production equipment.

Our solutions for food and beverage industry

Machinery / OEM

Process integrators and machine manufacturers in various industry sectors can benefit from the precision, hygienic design, corrosion resistance and ingress protection offered by Minebea Intec equipment. A wide product range is available.

Our solutions for machinery / OEM


Minebea Intec has decades of experience in providing high quality technologies to pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world.

Our solutions for pharmaceutical industry


Whether for weighing products or detecting foreign objects, our technologies ensure reliable processes in the confectionery industry along the production and packaging line. However, product safety and quality are only one side of the coin.

Our solutions for confectionery industry


Minebea Intec products ensure highly precise and reliable measurement results for plastics processing.

Our solutions for plastics industry


Minebea Intec offers high quality industrial weighing and inspection solutions for the dairy processing industry.

Our solutions for dairy industry

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