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Raising the benchmark for hygienic weighing: the weighing module Novego from Minebea Intec

The weighing module Novego from Minebea Intec has been specially developed for the demanding requirements of the food industry. It’s not only the particularly easy installation that makes this hygienic complete solution stand out: alongside several innovative features, the Novego offers reliable, precise measurement results in weighing processes – even with transverse forces of up to 20% of the nominal load. Thanks to two new load levels, this leading technology can now benefit an even wider range of applications.

When weighing goods, so-called transverse forces cause much-maligned measurement uncertainty. These forces arise when switching on mixing devices, for example, and can corrupt the weighing result. Examples of applications in which these sorts of transverse forces arise can often be found in the food industry, when mixing ingredients, or in the pharmaceutical industry, when liquids or substances have to be mixed in containers in exact doses. This has particularly negative effects on the cost-effectiveness of processes, especially when the received or delivered amounts are very costly.

With its Novego series of weighing modules, Minebea Intec introduced an innovative solution for these applications in Summer 2018, which has now been expanded with two additional load levels. “Thanks to its special design, it has been possible to make the weighing module Novego resistant to these sorts of influences, in order to guarantee precise measurement results even with transverse forces of up to 20% of the nominal load,” says Holger Nichelmann, Global Product Manager at Minebea Intec. The weighing module Novego uses high-precision strain gauges to ensure compliance with the high C3 measuring accuracy outlined in the R60 Directives of the International Organization for Legal Metrology (OIML).

Installation made easy

In addition to its high measuring accuracy, users of the weighing module Novego also benefit from a modular system. A variety of different feet and adapters with well thought-out details guarantee simple, safe installation, even in pre-existing systems. The modules offer integrated height adjustment options of up to 8 cm, eliminating the need for additional constructions in many cases. The optional tilt correction for inclined floors of up to 3° really pays off, especially when used in the food, pharmaceutical or chemical industries. “In these fields of application, sloping surfaces are often used to drain off liquids such as water or cleaning agents,” explains Holger Nichelmann. “These cleverly designed features save the user a lot of time and money when it comes to installing and commissioning the weighing module Novego.”

Another advantage of the Novego series, according to Nichelmann, is that the mounting kits and constrainers normally used with load cells to offset the impact of these forces can be dispensed with when using the Minebea Intec solution: “The weighing module Novego has an integrated mounting kit with a 360° constrainer – which eliminates the need for time-intensive constrainer adjustment – as well as lifting protection and tilt protection. No longer having to install the additional safety measures usually required considerably reduces time and cost for the user.” In addition, Novego is designed in such a way that the containers move back into their original position after deviation.

Successful hygienic design

The concept of hygienic design is extremely important in the food industry. The developers of Novego implemented the associated requirements in the best way possible. The hygienic design ensures efficient cleaning processes, thanks to a minimal number of horizontal surfaces, for example, which facilitates the flow of liquids and therefore guarantees that surfaces dry quickly. The use of FDA-compliant silicone and the extremely corrosion-resistant stainless steel 1.4418 – which is new to weighing technology and has low surface roughness – means the weighing module Novego complies fully with the strict regulations of the food industry. In addition, the design of the weighing module guarantees increased protection against contamination and corrosion, as Nichelmann explains: “For hygiene reasons, the weighing module Novego is designed for overhead installation. Due to the upside-down assembly, corrosive cleaning agents do not come into contact with the module for longer than necessary, which significantly increases its service life.”

Expanded load range

The first generation of the weighing module Novego was available in three levels for loads of 250, 500 or 1,000 kg. With the expansion of the series to include two new models with capacities of between 125 and 2,000 kg, Minebea Intec is now opening up further fields of application. “Usually, three load cells are used in one application in order to ideally distribute the weight,” says Nichelmann. “With the new models, which have a capacity of up to 2 tonnes, users can now also benefit from the unique advantages of the weighing module Novego, even for containers with a gross weight of up to 6 tonnes.”

The first Novego users are impressed with the performance features of this innovative weighing module, as Nichelmann reports: “Offsetting transverse forces is a major issue for many customers. The fact that Novego solves this problem without the need for mounting kits, while also enabling easy installation in the field, is a highly valuable feature for many users. The success of our weighing modules also comes down to the high precision of the weighing and the hygienic design.”

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