Load cell for harsh conditions

Precise solution for weighing molten metal with strong overload capacity

Load cell for harsh conditions

Key facts

In the Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP), thousands of tonnes of molten metal are weighed every day, before being transferred from the blast furnace to different process areas on open ladle cars. When BSP decided to increase production, it looked for an additional fast and reliable weighing solution to keep production flow efficient.

Application & Product

Minebea Intec built two weighing platforms for the torpedo ladle cars, with 24 load cells and a weighing capacity of up to 400 tonnes for each platform.

Customer benefits

Load cells

  • Overload capacity up to 200 %
  • Operation environment of up to 95 °C
  • IP69 rating for the harshest environmental conditions

Mounting kits

  • EN 1090 compliant for maximum structural integrity
  • 100 % maintenance-free

"The installation and commissioning of the torpedo ladle car weigh bridges was a really challenging job. The project has been completed successfully and within the scheduled time frame."

R. K. Bakshi

Traditionally, BSP has used open ladle cars to transfer molten iron from the iron-making section of the plant to the steel-making section. Under normal conditions, the residence time of the molten iron in the ladle is short and the distance traveled is usually less than half a mile.

When the customer expanded the production capacity of the plant, it decided to use an additional torpedo ladle car to transport the molten metal. That in turn would require a new track, parallel to the old one, and the appropriate weighing platform for the increased capacity of the ladle car

When Minebea Intec India was involved in the project, one of the main requirements of the customer was to keep the old track undamaged during the excavation and building works for the new one. That proved challenging, especially because the two tracks were very close together. Additionally, Minebea Intec India was allowed a strict shut down time in which to complete works.

Along with their partners for civil works, Minebea Intec India´s design team built a safety wall to preserve the integrity of the live track and complete the project within the given timeframe.

The construction of two weighing sections and platforms of 400 tonnes each was a challenge in itself, as it required many adjustments to align both mechanics and electronics and achieve the required accuracy.


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