Calibratable vehicle scales

Precise measurement results ensure weighing for legal-for-trade traffic

Minebea Intec's comprehensive truck scale solution for the New Hope Group

Key facts

New Hope Group owns many feed processing plants that produce and supply feed to a large number of animal farms. For their considerable turnover, Minebea Intec supplied a comprehensive truck scale solution.

Application & Product

A truck scale is installed in the unloading station to weigh the feed for legal-for-trade. The empty truck enters the scale to determine the tare weight. Then the Maxxis 5 weight controller ensures that the correct amount of feed is loaded.

Truck scales for capacities from 60 to 100 tons equipped with:

Customer benefits

  • Precise weighing results of legal metrology
  • High-quality products, easy to maintain
  • Engineering, set-up and calibration support from Minebea Intec

"Without Minebea Intec’s service staff, our feed filling station would not have been up and running so quickly. I really enjoy working with them"

Mr. Mao
Station Manager New Hope Group Liaoning


In Liaoning province, China, New Hope Group has several manufacturing sites where feed for agricultural animal farming is processed. The feed is stored in silos and filled at the goods-out area into trucks. To ensure precise filling of the feed quantities, the company commissioned Minebea Intec to build thirteen truck scales that control the entire filling process.

In China, Minebea Intec offers a complete portfolio of truck scales including decks. From the beginning, Minebea Intec has been involved in the construction of the discharging station. The team not only provided the drawings for the construction of the pit, but the senior technical engineers who provided on-site guidance and management. Following the succesful inspection of the pit, the truck scale, which was manufactured and tested at the Minebea Intec factory, was transported to the customer sites located two thousand kilometers away.


Due to the limiting structural conditions on site, it was not possible to use a crane to lift the truck weighing platform. Therefore, the Minebea Intec technicians used a differential pulley to push the weighing platform into the discharging station.

Thanks to the digital auxiliary technology of the Pendeo® truck scale load cells, commissioning became very simple and straightforward. The Maxxis 5 weight controller was integrated to the customer’s system to signal when the target weight is reached. In addition, the weight controller can easily identify eight load cells under each platform and monitor their status to ensure process safety.

After installation, Minebea Intec also helped New Hope Group pass calibration. The local metrology office performed the off-center error, linearity, and full scale tests without any problems. All parameters met the metrological requirements and the label for legal trade use was issued immediately.



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