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Corrective maintenance

Production and quality assurance systems are subject to permanent wear and ageing. If the wear becomes noticeable, suitable maintenance and corrective measures can be used to prevent disruptions to production before they occur.

Unforeseeable disruptions, for example in electromechanical components, can lead to production problems without warning. In these cases, the causes must be identified quickly and suitable repair measures implemented.

Minebea Intec offers various repair scenarios depending on the urgency and available infrastructure:

  1. Highest priority: Using our miRemote augmented reality servicing tools, our hotline experts guide your staff through the servicing process online in order to eliminate the problem as best as possible or to initiate emergency operation until one of our servicing employees arrives on-site. Training your staff to carry out servicing work and having spare parts readily available will help you get the most out of this variant. A risk analysis can be used to ascertain the need for training and a stock of spare parts.
  2. High priority: After the cause of the problem has been verified together with your staff and using our augmented reality servicing tool, the repair work is generally done by one of our trained servicing specialists on-site.
  3. Fast: You send your device along with a description of the fault to one of our authorised servicing centres for repair. The device is then repaired quickly and sent back to you.

Note: Response times and other requirements for maintenance work and fault rectification can be arranged individually within the scope of our various service contracts A1–A5.


  • Repair work according to level of priority
  • Possible for your own staff to be actively involved in the repair process
  • Framework conditions for repairs can be customised with the servicing contracts


Time and costs are critical factors at any company. Minebea Intec’s Refurbish service keeps both at a minimum. The aim of the Refurbish service is to proactively refurbish components of an original device. This allows for cost-effective repair according to a schedule defined by us. Our rental service also allows you to rent a replacement device while repair work is being done.


  • Cost-effective restoration of full system functionality
  • One-year warranty on professional installation and functionality of the reworked components


When a system or device has to be replaced, it is important to prevent interruptions to production or keep them at a minimum. The goal is to plan all required measures such that maintenance and repair work can be completed without additional delays.

Minebea Intec’s Exchange service does just this. When an expected reduction in output (calculated wear and tear) or already diagnosed drop in output occurs, the relevant component is replaced with an overhauled version. These replacement components are often available at short notice and can be sent directly to you without further delay.


  • Little to no interruption to production
  • Interruptions to production can be planned
  • Factory warranty on overhauled core components
  • Overhauled core components are relatively cheap


Urgent maintenance or repair work often leads to undesired standstills. In this case, we recommend our Rental service. After the relevant details have been fleshed out, a suitable replacement device is delivered and professionally installed for the interim. This covers the time required for the original device or its components to be professionally repaired.

Note: Only available in conjunction with our Repair and Refurbish program, or when no Exchange program is available.­­


  • Little to no interruption to production
  • Interruptions to production can be planned

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