The MinebeaMitsumi Group

Passion to create value through difference

Our parent group, The MinebeaMitsumi Group, is a global manufacturer of high-accuracy electromechanical components for a number of industrial sectors. The Japanese company combines advanced technologies from different specialist areas, including high-precision mechanical components, engines, sensors, semi-conductors, wireless communications equipment, and machinery for manufacturing safety devices and electronics with control technology. MinebeaMitsumi has set itself the goal of creating value through Electro Mechanics Solutions™ in a global society connected by the Internet of Things (IoT).

Solutions: Showcasing MinebeaMitsumi's wide range of solutions that contribute to the IoT era and the products that have the highest market share worldwide. 

Core Technology: MinebeaMitsumi is proud to present ultra-precision machining technology/electronics technology.

Global network: MinebeaMitsumi manufactures about 90% overseas. Discover the global network

Products from MinebeaMitsumi

Ball bearings

MinebeaMitsumi manufactures various types of bearings, including miniature and small ball bearings which are essential for high-precision rotational components. Rod ends and joint bearings, roller bearings and bushings are often used in the aerospace industry, e.g. in flight control systems, wing flaps, engines, hatches and other applications.

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Precision components

MinebeaMitsumi has a wide range of locks, magnetic couplings and brakes for locking or unlocking engines, or for enabling or terminating the power flow.


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Electronic devices and components

MinebeaMitsumi product range includes illuminators for LCDs, which are used for mobile telephones and personal digital assistants, as well as resonant devices, which are actuators that can express tactile sensations such as incoming calls or operational feedback messages using a variety of different vibrations.

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Measuring components

MinebeaMitsumi produces a wide range of components for measuring: from strain gauges and load cells through to force, pressure and vector sensors, the company provides precision technologies for various applications.

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