Inspection solutions MITUS® FREE-FALL

Highest detection sensitivity for your free-fall applications

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Product picture of minebea intec metal detector mitus freefall

Highly sensitive foreign body detection

Flexible MiWave modulation technology

Easy integration

SPC@Enterprise, OPC-UA, Ethernet

Maximum safety

Unique True-In process validation

Maximum flexibility

Modular design tailored to your needs

Product details Mitus® free-fall metal detector

The Mitus® free-fall metal detection system guarantees the reliable inspection and removal of metallic foreign objects from food products of all kinds in powder or granular form that are transported through a pipe by gravity. These include, for example, powdered milk, wheat, nuts or cornflakes. Thanks to the innovative MiWave technology, the highest detection sensitivities can be achieved even with high product effects.

  • Minimal installation height for easy integration into all kinds of applications
  • True-in process validation guarantees correct performance testing
  • Cost-effective control of up to four search coils via one terminal

This is how you perfect your metal detection: select the appropriate components for your operating terminal according to the modular principle - consisting of search coil, tube, separator and optionally the True-In process validation.

All components of the complete system can be used in Zone 22 hazardous areas in accordance with the provisions of Directive 94/9/EC.


  • ATEX


  • Filling and Dosing
  • Foreign body detection
  • Weighing


Product type

  • Metal detector
  • Products in free-falling applications

Product handling

  • Foreign object detection

IP protection class of the search coil

  • IP 65
  • optional: IP 69


  • Stainless steel 1.4301 

Product Enhancements The right flexibility for every application

Thanks to the modular design of the free-fall systems, customer-specific requirements can be optimally covered:

  • adaptable conveying diameters
  • minimum installation height
  • abrasive product behaviour
  • frequent cleaning processes
  • multiple interfaces such as OPC UA, Ethernet IP and SPC@Enterprise pave the way to greater productivity
  • explosive atmosphere (ATEX).

How-to Guide How you can choose the right metal detection technology

  • What kind of foreign objects does the metal detection detect?
  • Which factors influence the detection result?
  • What are the advantages of the innovative MiWave technology?

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