Inspection solutions Vistus® Pipeline

Vistus® Pipeline metal detector is a metal detector and separator for products in pipeline applications

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Metal detector Vistus Pipeline Meat

Multiple interfaces

XML, TCP-IP for connectivity and detection statistics with SPC@Enterprise

Hygienic design

Elbow valve separator for easy opening and thorough cleaning

Product learning mode

individual user groups for maximum flexibility and user-friendliness

Vistus® Pipeline meat

Model variant specially developed for sausage meat applications

Product Details Metal detector Vistus® Pipeline

Vistus® Pipeline and Vistus® Pipeline meat meet the most stringent sensitivity and technical requirements of manufacturers processing viscous and liquid food products such as sauces, jams, marmalades, baby food, meat emulsions, etc. The system includes the well-known Vistus® electronics, intuitive touch displays and optional interfaces for monitoring and control. Various types of separators are available as well as different connections and mounting options. Individual engineered-to-order solutions are also available on request.


  • Foreign body detection


Product type

  • Inspection solution
  • Pipeline metal detector

Product handling

  • Metal detection in piping applications

IP protection class

  • IP65


  • 1.4301 stainless steel

Increase your expertise in foreign object detection

Preventive measures and foreign object management have become increasingly important in the food industry. One reason for this can be found in the changing requirements of food standards. Another reason is the public's increased sensitivity to contaminated and defective products. In the age of the media, product recalls can mean much more than economic losses: in the worst case, they damage the image of the entire company.

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Our systems and services are oriented towards the requirements of our customers from a wide range of industries. In this way, we ensure that with Minebea Intec you can design your production processes safely and efficiently without having to make compromises. This starts with individual product features and stops only after exceeding global standards.

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Food & Beverage

Minebea Intec is a leading supplier of weighing and inspection technologies to the food and beverage production industry. Armed with a deep understanding of the challenges food and drink manufacturers face, the company has developed a range of products and solutions that are perfectly tailored to meet their needs in relation to quality and food/drink safety, while also enhancing efficiency and protecting production equipment.

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Minebea Intec has decades of experience in providing high quality technologies to pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world.

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Minebea Intec offers innovative and robust weighing and inspection technologies for the chemical industry.

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The highly automated processes in cosmetics production require precise measurement results. Minebea Intec offers versatile industrial weighing solutions for a wide range of applications as well as a broad spectrum of dosing, formulation, sorting, filling and packaging solutions.

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