Industrial scales Combics®

Modular system of Weighing platforms for sophisticated weighing tasks

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Product picture Weighing platform Combics

Product features Weighing platform Combics®

Resolution depending on model up to 6,000e or 3x3000e (for use in a verified application) or 60,000d (for non verified use).

  • 10 weighing capacities ranging from 3 kg to 3 t
  • 13 platform sizes
  • Substructure optionally made of galvanized or painted steel, as well as stainless steel 1.4301 or 1.4404
  • Load plate alternately available in a choice of AISI 304 stainless steel with a tread plate patterned finish


  • Standard up to IP67 or IP68, optional IP69K 


  • Fill quantity control
  • Filling and Dosing
  • Weighing


  • ATEX

Product details

Minebea Intec Combics offer you a wide variety of painted or stainless steel platforms, also with special design for the food industries. You can even select from different types of indicators. These can be base-mounted at the front of the platform, column-mounted for a raised display, or mounted on a wall using special brackets that are available separately.

Industrial solutions Our products for your production processes

Our systems and services are oriented towards the requirements of our customers from a wide range of industries. In this way, we ensure that with Minebea Intec you can design your production processes safely and efficiently without having to make compromises. This starts with individual product features and stops only after exceeding global standards.

  • Food & Beverage
  • Logistics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Agriculture
  • Cosmetics
  • Building Materials
  • Dairy
  • Confectionery
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Food & Beverage

Minebea Intec is a leading supplier of weighing and inspection technologies to the food and beverage production industry. Armed with a deep understanding of the challenges food and drink manufacturers face, the company has developed a range of products and solutions that are perfectly tailored to meet their needs in relation to quality and food/drink safety, while also enhancing efficiency and protecting production equipment.

Our solutions for food and beverage industry


Modern logistics processes require innovative and reliable weighing solutions. Minebea Intec truck scales, industrial scales and specialised checkweigher solutions deliver accurate and traceable results every time - from goods in to despatch.

Our solutions for logistics industry


Minebea Intec has decades of experience in providing high quality technologies to pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world.

Our solutions for pharmaceutical industry


Minebea Intec offers innovative and robust weighing and inspection technologies for the chemical industry.

Our solutions for chemical industry


The processes in the agricultural industry require robust, reliable solutions with safe measurement results. From truck weighing to metal detection, Minebea Intec’s extensive range of weighing and foreign body inspection products, both automated and manual, has a high-quality solution for every need.

Our solutions for agriculture industry


The highly automated processes in cosmetics production require precise measurement results. Minebea Intec offers versatile industrial weighing solutions for a wide range of applications as well as a broad spectrum of dosing, formulation, sorting, filling and packaging solutions.

Our solutions for cosmetics industry

Building Materials

For the weighing of building materials, the Minebea Intec portfolio offers the appropriate robustness, durability and IP protection class. Robust dosing, filling and metal detection equipment is also supplied.

Our solutions for the building materials industry


Minebea Intec offers high quality industrial weighing and inspection solutions for the dairy processing industry.

Our solutions for dairy industry


Whether for weighing products or detecting foreign objects, our technologies ensure reliable processes in the confectionery industry along the production and packaging line. However, product safety and quality are only one side of the coin.

Our solutions for confectionery industry


Category File Name File Size File Type
Best Practices
Best Practices Best Practice // Minebea Intec stepped in when China changed its policy on charging for heating consumption 1,13 MB pdf
Best Practice // Ensuring ATEX compliance for a leader in the aerospace sector 948 KB pdf
How Minebea Intec combined precise weighing results with a flexible and mobile design 1,44 MB pdf
Best Practice // Hersteller von Fruchtsaft optimiert Effizienz der Produktion mit Produkten von Minebea Intec 1,05 MB pdf
Brochure Brochure // Industrial Bench and Floor Scales 4,86 MB pdf
BRO Combics SPC 6,33 MB pdf
Datasheet Datasheet // Bench- and floor scale Combics® 3,24 MB pdf
Datasheet // Weight indicator Combics CAIXS2 1,25 MB pdf
Manual Combics; Midrics; Signum Option E5. Alibi Memory 5,26 MB pdf
Combics Complete Scales CAW1P | CAW1S | CAS1 6,64 MB pdf
Combics Complete Scales CAW3P | CAW3S | CAS3E/G | CAS...-SPC... 5,84 MB pdf
Combics Complete Scales CAW2P | CAW2S 6,26 MB pdf
Installation Instructions and Safety Information CAIXS2 1,64 MB pdf
CAIXS2/-U/-U1 Combics 2 Ex Indicator for Use in Areas at Risk to Explosion 10,01 MB pdf
CAPXS.. Models Stainless Steel Weighing Platforms for Use in Hazardous Areas/Locations 3,80 MB pdf
YRC01..S-X Roller conveyers for use in hazardous areas, Zones 1, 2, 21, 22 (ATEX) 315 KB pdf
CAPXS.U Stainless Steel Weighing Platforms for Use in Hazardous Locations 1,73 MB pdf
CAPXS.U Stainless Steel Weighing Platforms for Use in Hazardous Locations 683 KB pdf
Built-in Rechargeable Battery (Option L9) 750 KB pdf
Combics, Midrics®, Signum®: Option E5 Verifiable Alibi Memory 5,26 MB pdf
Combics 3 Filling Basic (Option H3) and Filling Plus (Option H4) Models CAISL3 | CAIS3 | CAW3P | CAW3S Automatic Single-Component Filling 632 KB pdf
Combics® SPC Combics 3, Model CA...., Option H5 437 KB pdf
Combics 3 Options H0 and I2 Models CAIS3 | CAISL3 | CAH3 | CAW3 | CAS3 Basic Application Program 1,32 MB pdf
YDO02C Data Output Port for Combics | Signum UniCOM Interface 4,59 MB pdf
Relaisbox YSB01 743 KB pdf
Data Output Port for Combics UniCOM Interface YDO01, YDA01 1,89 MB pdf
Fieldbus Standard Interface Software Interface for Sartorius Indicators and Complete Scales 859 KB pdf
Models CAIS… | CAW.S… | CAAP… Combics Equipment for Use in Zone 2 and 22 Hazardous Areas 1,48 MB pdf
Relay Box IE11357 1,06 MB pdf
Combics, Midrics®, Signum®: Option E5, Verifiable Alibi Memory 563 KB pdf
YDI02C-WPD; YDI02C-WP03; YDI02C-WP10. Schnittstellenplatinen für Combics-Auswertegeräte 874 KB pdf
Combics 3 CAISL3(-U), CAIS3(-U) Indicators 3,42 MB pdf
Combics CAISL1(-U), CAISL2(-U), CAIS1(-U), CAIS2(-U) Indicator 5,35 MB pdf
Combics CAAPP.., CAAPS.. Weighing Platforms 1,23 MB pdf
Combics Option Y2 Models CAIS… | CAW.S… | CAAP… Combics Equipment for Use in Zone 2 and 22 Hazardous Areas 1,48 MB pdf
Pit Frame Edges YEG01...08 For Midrics Weighing Platforms of the MW1… | MW2… | MAPP1...4 | MAPS1...4Series 1,06 MB pdf
Drive-on Ramps for Combics Models 137 KB pdf
CAPXS.. Models Stainless Steel Weighing Platforms for Use in Hazardous Areas/Locations 16,63 MB pdf
Pit-Frame for Combics Models 667 KB pdf
YFP02CWS Fastening Kit for Combics Weighing Platforms 337 KB pdf
Combics® SPC Combics 3, Model CA...., Option H5 458 KB pdf
YRB06Z External Rechargeable Battery Pack 485 KB pdf
Columns for Attaching the Indicator to the Weighing Platform 483 KB pdf
Drawing 2D
Drawing 2D DRW_2D_CAAPP1-DC_painted_35730-000-65_C5D_000_02 430 KB pdf
DRW_2D_CAAPP1-ED_painted_35731-000-65_C5D_000_03 436 KB pdf
DRW_2D_CAAPP1-FE_painted_35732-000-65_C5D_000_02 441 KB pdf
DRW_2D_CAAPP1-GF_painted_35733-000-65_C5D_000_02 410 KB pdf
DRW_2D_CAAPP1-IG_painted_35734-000-65_C5D_000_02 405 KB pdf
DRW_2D_C(A)AP(X)S1-DC_stainless steel_35739-000-65_C5D_000_02 409 KB pdf
DRW_2D_C(A)AP(X)S1-ED_stainless steel_35740-000-65_C5D_000_02 405 KB pdf
DRW_2D_C(A)AP(X)S1-FE_stainless steel_35741-000-65_C5D_000_02 379 KB pdf
DRW_2D_C(A)AP(X)S4-IG_stainless steel_35743-000-65_C5D_000_05 551 KB pdf
DRW_2D_C(A)AP(X)S4-LI_stainless steel_35849-000-65_C5D_000_04 451 KB pdf
DRW_2D_C(A)AP(X)S4-LL_stainless steel_35744-000-65_C5D_000_04 423 KB pdf
DRW_2D_C(A)AP(X)S4-NN_stainless steel_36173-000-65_C5D_000_04 450 KB pdf
DRW_2D_C(A)AP(X)S4-NN-T1_stainless steel_36173-001-65_C5D_000_04 481 KB pdf
DRW_2D_C(A)AP(X)S4-RR-T1_stainless steel_35747-001-65_C5D_000_04 481 KB pdf
DRW_2D_CAAPP4-NL_painted_35736-000-65_C5D_000_02 423 KB pdf
DRW_2D_CAAPP4-RN_painted_35737-000-65_C5D_000_02 435 KB pdf
DRW_2D_CAPFS1-_CAAPS1-ED_stainless steel_36403-000-65_C5D_000_02 409 KB pdf
DRW_2D_CAPFS1-_CAAPS1-FE_stainless steel_36404-000-65_C5D_000_02 414 KB pdf
Drawing 3D
Drawing 3D DRW_3D_CAAPP1_DC_painted_35730-000-65_C5A_000_02 415 KB pdf
DRW_3D_CAAPP1_ED_painted_35731-000-65_C5A_000_03 442 KB pdf
DRW_3D_CAAPP1_FE_painted_35732-000-65_C5A_000_02 440 KB pdf
DRW_3D_CAAPP1_GF_painted_35733-000-65_C5A_000_02 957 KB pdf
DRW_3D_CAAPP1_IG_painted_35734-000-65_C5A_000_02 880 KB pdf
DRW_3D_CAPFS1-_CAAPS1-FE_stainless steel_36404-000-65_C5A_000_02 376 KB pdf
DRW_3D_C(A)AP(X)S1-DC_stainless steel_35739-000-65_C5A_000_02 481 KB pdf
DRW_3D_C(A)AP(X)S1-ED_stainless steel_35740-000-65_C5A_000_02 506 KB pdf
DRW_3D_C(A)AP(X)S1-FE_stainless steel_35741-000-65_C5A_000_02 538 KB pdf
DRW_3D_CAPFS1-_CAAPS1-ED_stainless steel_36403-000-65_C5A_000_02 361 KB pdf
DRW_3D_CAAPP4-RN_painted_35737-000-65_C5A_000_02 675 KB pdf
DRW_3D_C(A)AP(X)S4-IG_stainless steel_35743-000-65_C5A_000_05 754 KB pdf
DRW_3D_CAAPP4-NL_painted_35736-000-65_C5A_000_02 756 KB pdf
DRW_3D_C(A)AP(X)S4-LL_stainless steel_35744-000-65_C5A_000_04 824 KB pdf
DRW_3D_C(A)AP(X)S4-LI_stainless steel_35849-000-65_C5A_000_04 824 KB pdf
DRW_3D_C(A)AP(X)S4-RR-T1_stainless steel_35747-001-65_C5A_000_04 830 KB pdf
DRW_3D_C(A)AP(X)S4-NN_stainless steel_36173-000-65_C5A_000_04 842 KB pdf
DRW_3D_C(A)AP(X)S4-NN-T1_stainless steel_36173-001-65_C5A_000_04 872 KB pdf

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