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Your first choice for quality management: Vistus and True In-Process Validation

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Product picture of a vistus freefall x-ray inspection system

Product features Freefall metal detection system Vistus

The freefall metal detection system Vistus ensures the reliable inspection and removal of metallic foreign bodies from any kind of food products in powder or granule form that is transported with the use of gravity through a pipe, e.g. milk powder, wheat, nuts or cornflakes.

  • Minimum installation height for easy integration into any application
  • True In-Process Validation. This functionality guarantees correct performance testing
  • Cost effective control of up to four search coils via one terminal

Perfect your metal detection system; choose the right components to suit your needs for your remote terminal using the modular principle for customisation with search coil, pipe, separator and, optionally, True In-Process Validation.

All components of the entire system can be used in zone 22 potentially explosive environments as per the provisions of Directive 94/9/EC.


  • Fill quantity control
  • Filling and Dosing
  • Weighing


  • ATEX

Vistus metal detection technology

  • Maximum detection sensitivity
  • Multi-frequency technology
  • Reliable detection

True In-Process Validation

  • Correct performance validation
  • In the centre of the product flow
  • Validate Ddring operation

Individual configuration

  • Quality pipes certified to food standards
  • Efficient separation systems
  • Minimal installation height

Product details

Protection RatingIP65 (IP69K optional)
Explosion ProtectionApproved for II 1/3D c T120" -5°C  <- Ta <-+40°C
User Interface145 mm (5.7") touchscreen
Relay Outputs

Total of 4 relays - relays 1, 3 and 4 freely programmable

Relative air humidityOperation:< 58% at +55°C  / Storage:< 30% at +70°C, 0% to 90% condensation-free
Ambient TemperatureOperation: -10°C to +55°C
Product Temperature-30 to +55°C, up to +150°C with air cooling
Data interfacesTCP l IP-, RS232-, RS422-, CAN bus, field bus and Profibus
Network ConnectionEthernet

Increase your expertise in foreign object detection

Preventive measures and foreign object management have become increasingly important in the food industry. One reason for this can be found in the changing requirements of food standards. Another reason is the public's increased sensitivity to contaminated and defective products. In the age of the media, product recalls can mean much more than economic losses: in the worst case, they damage the image of the entire company.

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Industrial solutions Our products for your production processes

Our systems and services are oriented towards the requirements of our customers from a wide range of industries. In this way, we ensure that with Minebea Intec you can design your production processes safely and efficiently without having to make compromises. This starts with individual product features and stops only after exceeding global standards.

  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Agriculture
  • Cosmetics
  • Building Materials
  • Machinery / OEM
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Food & Beverage

Minebea Intec is a leading supplier of weighing and inspection technologies to the food and beverage production industry. Armed with a deep understanding of the challenges food and drink manufacturers face, the company has developed a range of products and solutions that are perfectly tailored to meet their needs in relation to quality and food/drink safety, while also enhancing efficiency and protecting production equipment.

Our solutions for food and beverage industry


Minebea Intec has decades of experience in providing high quality technologies to pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world.

Our solutions for pharmaceutical industry


Minebea Intec offers innovative and robust weighing and inspection technologies for the chemical industry.

Our solutions for chemical industry


The processes in the agricultural industry require robust, reliable solutions with safe measurement results. From truck weighing to metal detection, Minebea Intec’s extensive range of weighing and foreign body inspection products, both automated and manual, has a high-quality solution for every need.

Our solutions for agriculture industry


The highly automated processes in cosmetics production require precise measurement results. Minebea Intec offers versatile industrial weighing solutions for a wide range of applications as well as a broad spectrum of dosing, formulation, sorting, filling and packaging solutions.

Our solutions for cosmetics industry

Building Materials

For the weighing of building materials, the Minebea Intec portfolio offers the appropriate robustness, durability and IP protection class. Robust dosing, filling and metal detection equipment is also supplied.

Our solutions for the building materials industry

Machinery / OEM

Process integrators and machine manufacturers in various industry sectors can benefit from the precision, hygienic design, corrosion resistance and ingress protection offered by Minebea Intec equipment. A wide product range is available.

Our solutions for machinery / OEM


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Datasheet // Metal detector Vistus® Pipeline. 2,77 MB pdf
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