Management and Leadership of Minebea Intec

Hidenori Shimosako CEO of Minebea Intec

As CEO responsible for:
• Business development & Expansion

Hidenori Shimosako is Chief Executive Officer of Minebea Intec. In his role as CEO he leads Minebea’s business development and expansion by focusing on satisfying the customers’ needs as well as the requirements from other stakeholders like employees, mother company MinebeaMitsumi and business partners. 

Hidenori Shimosako started his career with the corporation 25 years ago in one of the subsidiaries of our mother company MinebeaMitsumi. In 1996, his first role was in the Accounting Department of Mitsumi Electric Co. Headquarters. In subsequent years, he took over several roles within Mitsumi Group. In 2001, he took on a position overseas as Senior Manager at Mitsumi Electronics Europe GmbH in Düsseldorf, Germany, afer finishing his first assignment in Mitsumi Electrics Co. Ltd.. Prior to becoming CEO of Minebea Intec in 2020, he went back to Japan to take over different roles at MinebeaMitsumi Inc. Headquarters. Mr. Shimosako was born in 1973 in Tokyo, Japan. He attended the Sophia University in Tokyo, where he graduated in Business Management and Accounting.

The greatest values that differentiates Minebea Intec from its competitors, in his eyes, are the excellent reputation in the market based on the high standard products offered for a long time, as well as the huge business size of the MinebeaMitsumi Group with a great network of resources around the world.

Since April 2021, he lives in Hamburg, Germany, contacting frequently his wife, three children and their dog in Japan.

Nick Parsons CSO of Minebea Intec

As CSO responsible for:
• Global responsibility for Sales, Service and Product Management
• Revenue

Nick Parsons is Chief Sales Officer of the Minebea Intec Group. In his role as CSO, he executes the sales, service and marketing strategy, aligned with the company's objectives. His focus is on building strong customer relationships and understanding business needs.

Mr. Parsons has a long and diverse career in the weighing industry of 37 years. After Joining Sartorius as an Industrial Sales Specialist in 1999, he has held various positions including Head of Application Management in Göttingen, Germany, Global Director Indirect Sales, Director North America and recently the role of Deputy CSO. Throughout his time at Minebea Intec, he has been active as a board member in various trade associations, currently serving as President of CECIP (Comité Européen de Constructeurs d'Instruments de Pesage) .

In his view, being part of the MinebeaMitsumi Group is a great benefit in the market, as it also allows valuable synergies to be realized. Combined with a track record of highly reliable products that have proven themselves in the global market, Minebea Intec is one of the leading manufacturers of weighing and inspection technology.

Dr. Karl Sommer COO of Minebea Intec

As COO responsible for:
• Manufacturing Sites
• Purchasing
• Logistics & Supply Chain Management
• Order Process Management
• Engineering
• Human Resource Management 

Dr Karl Sommer is Group Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of several Group companies. As COO of Minebea Intec, he sees it as his task to create a positive working atmosphere in which employees enjoy working, exerting themselves and being creative, as well as to secure the leading position in Minebea Intec's markets by defining and implementing a clear vision and corporate strategy together with his colleagues. Furthermore, his tasks include identifying optimisation potential in all areas of the company and implementing the corresponding optimisation projects. 

Dr Karl Sommer joined the company in 2020 and has since served in his role as Group COO. Previously, Dr Sommer worked at the private equity investor Aurelius Group as a member of the Operations Practice. Here he acted as Managing Director of the Aurelius portfolio company LD Didactic Group in Hürth. Prior to that, he gained several years of experience in the automotive industry holding various positions and responsibilities within the Schaeffler Group. Dr Sommer began his career as a research assistant at the university in parallel with his doctorate.

What he believes sets Minebea Intec apart from the competition is one of the broadest and highest quality product and solution offerings in the global weighing and inspection industry, combined with a truly global presence, the DNA and agility of a large German SME and the strengths of being part of the MinebeaMitsumi Group.

Dr Karl Sommer is married, has two children and lives with his family near Hamburg. He spends his free time with his family and friends and enjoys outdoor sports.

Dr. Axel Böttger CTO of Minebea Intec

As CTO responsible for:
• R&D
• Product Development

Dr. Axel Böttger is Chief Technical Officer of the Minebea Intec Group. In this role as CTO, his responsibility is to drive the product and technology development for further business expansion and renewal of our product portfolio, to align the product road maps together with sales and product management and improve the efficiency of the entire product life cycle.

Dr. Axel Böttger joined Minebea Intec as CTO in 2019. Prior to this, he worked for the MinebeaMitsumi Corporation for 20 years and held several positions amongst others as Division Manager Automotive and Industrial Motors and Vice President at the Minebea Mitsumi Technology Center in Villingen-Schwennigen, Germany. Prior to joining the corporation, he researched in the field of precision mechanics and industrial measuring systems at the TU Dresden and founded a company for measurement technology in Dresden, Germany. Through different roles and responsibilities, Dr. Axel Böttger has gained more than 30 years of experiences in product development for industrial and automotive products (for small and mass production) including measuring devices.

In his view, Minebea Intec’s parent company MinebeaMitsumi differentiates itself strongly from European competitors due to wide range of businesses, products and technologies for the global market with more than 90% in-house production. Minebea Intec, as an independent mid-size company with a very flexible organisation, has the benefit to utilise its huge global background including the worldwide market access of Minebea Mitsumi to extend the business with high quality products for weighing and inspection solutions.

Manina Kettler CFO of Minebea Intec

As CFO responsible for:
• Accounting, Treasury and Controlling
• IT

Manina Kettler is Chief Financial Officer of Minebea Intec. In her role as CFO, she manages budgeting, reporting, contracts, insurance, cash flow planning and IT strategy. Her overall goals are to grow Minebea Intec's business and keep the company profitable.

Manina Kettler's career began with a dual business administration degree at the Volkswagen Group. She then held various positions as a controller in the food and service industries before commencing in controlling for Minebea Intec's Aachen site in 2013. In 2018, she then took on her first management position as Director Accounting at the headquarters in Hamburg, followed by Controlling in 2019. Since 2021, Manina Kettler has been Deputy CFO, and at the beginning of 2023 she was promoted to CFO.

For Manina Kettler, the passion and extensive know-how of the employees are Minebea Intec's greatest strength. These attributes lead to a high quality awareness of each individual, which is ultimately reflected in the products. In addition, by using the synergies with MinebeaMitsumi as the parent company, Minebea Intec can react very flexibly and invest specifically in product development.

In her free time, Manina Kettler loves to travel and enjoys spending time with her three godchildren. She lives very close to Minebea Intec's headquarters in Hamburg and uses the time on weekends to unwind at a Zumba class or to cook for friends

Jörg Hoffmann Chairman of the Board of Directors, Managing Executive Officer MinebeaMitsumi Inc., General Manager of Regional Affairs for MM Europe, Deputy Head of Electronic Device Manufacturing HQ MM Inc. Head of UEA (Ushin Europe Automotive), Deputy Head of Ushin HQ

As Chairman of the Board of Directors responsible for:
• Control and advice of the Senior Management

Jörg Hoffmann is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Minebea Intec. In his role he supports the Minebea Intec Senior Management in the strategical direction and is responsible for the Integration of Minebea Intec into the MinebeaMitsumi European Organisation.

Mr. Hoffmann, graduated in Mechanical Engineering, has been with MinenbeaMitsumi since 1994, when he started working for PMDM as a Process Engineer. From there he took over different positions within the company before he became Deputy Head of Spindle BU in the MinebeaMitsumi Group and CEO of PMDM/MTCE in 2005. In subsequent years he acted as Head of EMT BU and Excecutive Officer of MinebeaMitsumi Inc. Since 2019 he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Minebea Intec and continues in several different roles within the MinebeaMitsumi Group.
Jörg Hoffmann is convinced that Minebea Intec as a member of the MinebeaMitsumi Group with access to a global network of manufacturing, R&D and sales sites benefits from a financially healthy mother company that is very strong in manufacuring with factories all over the globe and is well equipped to compete in the market. 

Jörg Hoffmann is married and has two children. His very limited free time he usually spends with his family. As both his kids are horseback riders they spend a lot of time on horse jumping tournaments or in the stable with the horses. In wintertime the family loves to go skiing.

Peter Grimley Vice Chairman

As Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors responsible for:
• Advice and support of the Senior management

Peter Grimley is Vice Chairman of the board of Directors. In his role as Vice Chairman, he supports the senior management in operational and strategic direction and with specific development projects.

He joined the company in 1989 as a sales engineer and has held various senior positions within the global organisation over the past 30 years, always with a strong personal connection to Industrial products. These positions include Business Area Manager (UK), Managing Director Sartorius Korea, Director of the Asia Region Sartorius Hong Kong and President Sartorius Japan. Subsequently, as CEO Global Weighing, Mr Grimley took responsibility for the integration of the former Philips scale business into the current Minebea Intec company and served as CEO of Minebea Intec until 2020. Today, he is a Member of the Board of Directors of Intec and its global subsidiaries.

“Minebea Intec has a broad portfolio of high quality, application-oriented products and a global presence that enables us to fully support our customers regardless of their geographical location”. In his view, this sets Minebea Intec apart from its competitors.

Mr. Grimley is married and lives in the UK. He spends his spare time riding bicycles anywhere in the world.

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