The weight transmitter PR 5230 processes weight values reliably and highly accurately from silo and vessel scales with analogue and digital load cells. The field housing enables direct and safe installation regardless of the ambient conditions.

  • High precision, reliable and fast processing of weight values
  • Convenient and efficient calibration of the scale in under one minute
  • Global remote servicing with the Remote Service functionality
  • Integrated display for status monitoring
  • Dosing function EasyFill® reduces programming time



The versatile weight transmitter for fast, high-precision weight values

  • Reliable and fast processing of weight values with up to 120,000 increments. The integrated display enables direct status monitoring.

  • ‘Smart Calibration’ enables PC-based calibration without weights. This efficiently reduces installation times to a minimum.

  • The EasyFill® software, integrated as standard, for one-component dosing of fluids, powders and granules reduces programming time and enables fast and flexible process changes.

  • The Remote Service functionality avoidsdowntime in your production.