Checkweighing for confectionery

High-speed weighing in the smallest space: checkweigher exceeds requirements

Highspeed checkweighing

Key facts

A flexible, but nevertheless precise, checkweighing solution that could also be equipped with a metal detector if necessary was needed to check the weight of bars and other confectionery products at high speed.

Application & Product

The customer wanted a highspeed weighing solution to check that bars were the correct weight in accordance with the MID Directive and for compliance with the packaged goods regulation.

Checkweigher Flexus (customised) with optional metal detector Vistus

Customer benefits

  • MID approved for high speed and product weight checking
  • EMFC load cell for maximum precision and optimised configuration
  • Precise and compact solution
  • Reduced cleaning times due to the hygienic design

"We have proven with our tailor-made solution that highspeed checkweighing and reliable metal detection can be carried out in a compact space. Our customers can be certain that we will find the ideal solution, even in the case of special applications."

Beat Notz
Country Manager Switzerland, Minebea Intec


The company has been a Minebea Intec customer for many years and was already using Vistus metal detectors to check various products for metal contamination. Now, the customer needed a high-speed checkweigher that was MID approved and could deliver speeds of up to 800 products per minute. Minebea Intec met this challenge by developing a customer-specific version of the checkweigher Flexus Combi. The specially developed checkweigher is a dual-track solution, in which the two tracks support speeds of up to 400 pieces per minute.

The use of the multi-track engineered-to-order solution is the perfect fit for the customer, whose products are delivered on two tracks and are then processed by the checkweigher. The two tracks, which support a belt speed of 1.5 metres per second, can be configured using a single control unit, which enables separate activation or deactivation of an individual track. The checkweigher Flexus delivers ultra-precise weighing results with a weighing resolution of 0.1 g. Defective products are removed using compressed air and stored in lockable reject units, which prevents unauthorised staff from accessing these items

The inspection solution offers a total of four ejection options (two after checkweighing and two after the optional metal detection stage) over a length of just 1600 mm, which clearly illustrates the extremely compact nature of the weighing solution.

The company also wanted to have the option of being able to integrate a metal detector before the checkweighing stage if additional customer requirements called for an inspection of the packaged bars. The Flexus Combi is ideal for this because even the standard design is the most compact combination of metal detector and checkweigher. The metal detectors have not yet been installed for the customer. These could easily be added at a later point if required, without additional space having to be sacrificed. Minebea Intec not only proves with this project that it has ultra-precise and reliable weighing and inspection solutions, but also that the company is able to offer flexible solutions that meet the customer’s requirements.


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