Vision, mission, values & management principles

Our Vision

Our passionate team creates superior value through smart & localized solutions.

Our vision statement summarises the image of the successful future of our company that we strive to create and achieve. It serves as a framework for our strategy, navigates our business into the future and inspires and motivates our global team in its daily business.

Our Mission

We provide innovative weighing and inspection solutions and services that fulfill our customers’ needs and help them to operate safe, reliable and efficient processes.

Our mission explains the purpose of our company in which we place the needs of individuals: employees, customers, partners and shareholders, at the centre of our thinking and acting. This is reflected in our promise to our customers and consumers 'We make daily life safer'.

Our Brand Values To ensure that the Minebea Intec brand provides true benefits to everyone who is affected by our business, our brand values serve as a guideline for our daily actions and decisions.

Leading Technology

We continuously invest in the research and development of new technologies and products. Through this we support our customers in optimising the safety, reliability and efficiency of their processes.


The trust that our customers, partners and employees put in our organization, our products and our services, has grown over decades and is the foundation of our company. Through the Minebea Intec brand we aim to strengthen this trust by putting our brand values into practice, each and every day.


This value does not only describe the positive experience that we promise our customers and partners when they install, operate and service our products but it also reflects the way in which we interact with our customers - from the first contact via our website or sales organization, to the delivery of ordered products and after sales support.


This reflects how we achieve our objectives. When each of us always put our customers at the centre of our thinking and acting, we will increasingly satisfy their needs.

Our Management Principles

As a proud member of the MinebeaMitsumi Group, we have adopted the basic MinebeaMitsumi Management Guidelines. These provide guidance for our daily actions.

Minebea Intec shall...

  • be a company that our employees are proud to work for
  • earn and preserve the trust of our valued customers
  • respond to our shareholders' expectations
  • work in harmony with the local community
  • promote and contribute to global society

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