Puro® takes weighing to new level

Industrial scale helps with accurate weighing and smart accessories

 Puro ensures that portions of meat products are weighed accurately

Key facts

Obendeicher Angus keeps and rears Angus cattle, following the processing, the differing cuts are divided into portions, weighed and sold. The industrial scale Puro® and the corresponding printer have helped the company to make its processing much more efficient.

Application & Product

The industrial scale Puro® is used at Obendeicher Angus to weigh different meat products and to check the quantity of pre-portioned products is correct.

  • Puro® Scale Count
  • Puro® Printer

Customer benefits

  • Traffic light function for visual weight check
  • Fast and precise weighing results
  • Printing of statistics helps with accounting

“For us, the Puro® is a small, multifunctional marvel. It delivers weighing results quickly and with absolute reliability, and the traffic light function helps us to check pre-portioned meat products easily. Together with the printer, which helps with internal accounting, the Puro® is simply a consistent complete package for us.”

Jana Bornholdt

Owner of Obendeicher Angus

Obendeicher Angus’s goal was to take the weighing and documentation of its meat products to a new level. The focus here was on making the weighing of individual products and internal accounting as fast and efficient as possible. The combination of the Puro® LargeTall and the corresponding printer proved the ideal solution here.

The scale impresses with its reliable readability of 0.2 g and a fast weighing result. The weight is displayed as soon as the product is placed on the scale and the weighing result is stable in just 1 second. The Puro® is used to check the weight of cuts of meat previously weighed and priced during the butchery process in the retail area within sight of the customer. The second display, which is directed towards the customer, is particularly useful here. In some cases, the Puro® can be used to add several portions of meat together and provide a printout for information.

The battery means that the weighing solution can be used anywhere, which is particularly advantageous for Obendeicher. It can therefore be used both in the retail area and when preparing the cuts of meat. Obendeicher also uses the Puro® to weigh the ingredients for making sausages and to weigh small pieces of meat for making goulash. The traffic light function proved beneficial here as it instantly shows whether the ingredients are within the specified tolerance range.

It is not only the product weighing capabilities that impress but the Puro® accessories too. The scale’s totalising function means that the total quantity of meat weighed can be accessed in the system memory at any time and can also be printed out as a document for accounting purposes via the printer. The Puro® is therefore more than just a scale for Obendeicher Angus as it helps to make the company’s stock management more efficient.


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