How-to Guide How weighing and inspection technologies can increase the efficiency of confectionery production

Minebea Intec weighing and inspection technologies not only help you to ensure the quality and purity of your products. The interaction of modern technologies and software solutions also enables you to increase production efficiency. Our How-to Guide comprises five elementary goals to which our weighing and inspection technologies contribute and which have a direct positive effect on product quality, production safety and productivity.

  • Optimising processes and improving productivity
  • Flexibility for changes due to trends and seasonal priorities
  • Product quality and safety protect brand image
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Maintaining production when using complex systems


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How can I reduce the material consumption in my production?

When it comes to rpheducing the consumption of raw materials and ingredients used, the first thing many manufacturers think of is the filling systems in their production process. One thing is clear: When chocolate, gums and candy are poured into moulds, there is considerable potential for savings in determining the exact filling quantity. In the How-to Guide you can find out how our dynamic checkweighers can help you reduce material consumption.

How do I ensure the flexibility of my production plant?

New developments such as zero waste or rapidly changing seasonal ranges require flexible solutions. Our metal detectors and X-ray inspection systems not only detect foreign objects, but can also check weight, number of product components, fill levels or seal integrity of the packaging. Find out in our How-to Guide how you can flexibly implement product and packaging changes without sacrificing product quality.

For whom is this How-to Guide worthwhile?

The How-to Guide defines five elementary goals for customers in the confectionery industry. Our weighing and inspection technologies contribute to achieving these goals and have a direct positive impact on product quality, production reliability and productivity. The checklist at the end also helps you to identify needs for your production and to realise its full potential. We trust you will find the reading informative!