Total Cost of Ownership

TCO offers optimal cost transparency

TCO provides optimal cost transparency

Cost transparency is important for all parties involved when investing in a new weighing or inspection solution. If all available data is entered by the customer, a TCO visualises all important cost drivers and allows direct comparison of offers. This proves that our products ensure the best possible return on investment while delivering strong performance.

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Production planning: Efficient and cost-effective

Our weighing and inspection solutions support production and process engineers in the planning of a cost-effective and efficient production line: Initial additional costs are often amortised by possible savings in running costs - for example such as for consumable parts or cleaning. Products in Hygienic Design, for example, save time and money through easier cleaning, which helps to achieve a better return on investment. Furthermore, many of our weighing and inspection solutions score points with their intuitive operation and learning programs, which make training easier, quicker and minimises operating errors.

Advantages and Features

Advantages of TCO calculations

  • Visualisation of all costs of an investment
  • Enabling an exact comparison of different offers
  • Identification of cost drivers
  • Recognition of savings potential
  • Investments can be estimated and planned with a TCO
  • Precise budget planning for the entire period of use of a product is made possible

Smart features save money during operation

After commissioning, our solutions benefit you for continuously optimising ongoing production and positively shaping a TCO. Smart options such as the Trend Control checkweigher application ensure this. This ensures that the defined target weight is reached as accurately as possible, avoiding unnecessary overfilling or underfilling and reducing waste or giveaway. Our SPC@Enterprise software is an ideal tool for quality management. It helps to comply with legal requirements, improve product quality and monitor production efficiency in order to identify and realise potential savings.

How-to Guide How to recognise hidden savings potential

Besides listing the total costs, establishing a total cost of ownership offers a great benefit: the visualisation of all financial factors also uncovers potential for savings. Examples of this are:

  • Avoidance of product recalls
  • Reduction of product waste
  • Unnecessary subsequent corrections
  • Protection of the brand

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