Chemical Industry

The chemical industry creates an immense variety of products using a wide range of raw materials, from gas and minerals to oil. For the industry’s diverse production processes, Minebea Intec offers innovative and individual weighing and inspection technologies and services. Whether chemicals are being produced in basic or very advanced processes, or for household or industrial purposes, Minebea Intec’s range of high-tech equipment for weighing and batching materials, and detecting foreign bodies, meets every specific requirement.

As a leading supplier of weighing and inspection technologies and services, we offer various solutions, including for challenges such as Ex applications, hygienic environments and windy or seismic conditions. And our innovative weighing and software solutions, in particular, continuously enhance operational efficiency, increasing flexibility and improving competitiveness.

A reliable partner for chemical industry quality control equipment

Minebea Intec has many decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of innovative production and quality assurance equipment for weighing and foreign body detection purposes. A great deal of this experience has been in chemical manufacturing applications, where quality control plays a vital role in ensuring product safety and quality while also maximising the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of production processes, e.g. by optimising process and product quality.

As a reliable partner of chemical manufacturers around the world, Minebea Intec invests heavily and constantly in testing and certification in accordance with various national and international standards and regulations, such as

  • for products: EHEDG  /  FDA  /  HACCP  /  IFS
  • for Ex applications (explosion protection): ATEX  /  FM  /  CSA  /  IECEx
  • for calibration: OIML  /  NTEP