Bench and floor scales

Bench and floor scales for industrial use can be divided into different categories: Complete or compact scales contain a display and evaluation unit in addition to the actual load cell or weighing system, on which the weighing results are displayed. Minebea also offers Intec weighing platforms and floor scales, which are used for weighing, but are delivered without a display unit or associated weighing electronics. These can be connected directly to a PC or PLC system via a serial interface. Complete and compact scales can be connected to various peripheral devices or other systems via a variety of serial interfaces, RS 232, RS 485, fieldbus interfaces or Ethernet TCP/IP.

There are also scales that are suitable for special applications, such as the IU pallet scale, which can weigh pallets from 300 to 3,000 kilograms. If particularly precise measurement results are required, Minebea Intec has high-resolution scales in its portfolio, such as the IS (Industry Supreme) weighing platform, with extremely high resolutions of up to 620,000 display steps, thus giving it a greater accuracy and minimising product loss.

Floor scales with large platform areas can either be free-standing on the floor or installed in a pit. With large platform areas, floor scales are particularly suitable for applications where heavy and voluminous loads must be weighed. If the application requires the lowest possible platform height, an IF flat-bed scale is also recommended. These scales can be easily loaded with goods to be weighed, e.g. by means of a lift truck, without the need for pit installation. All bench and floor scales are also available as legal-for-trade versions and/or as versions with Ex approval for use in hazardous areas.

FAQ Bench and Floor Scales

What are the application areas for bench and floor scales?

The areas of application of bench and floor scales usually differ in the place of use and the maximum loads: Tabletop scales are intended for use on counters and tables. In contrast to permanently installed floor scales, they are more flexible and can be used in other places with little effort. Some bench scales are available with an internal rechargeable battery, so that the devices can be used in a different location without a mains power connection.

The table and floor scales from Minebea Intec are an elementary component for a variety of industries. The two most common areas of application for the devices are in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. In the pharmaceutical and food production sector, they are used for weighing, dosing and checking raw materials, individual components during production and finished products. Furthermore, the weighing solutions are used in the chemical, logistics and agricultural industries as well as for construction materials, electronics and recycling.

How do table and floor scales work?

Both bench and floor scales are based on one (or more) load cell(s), which are installed inside the scale. The sample to be weighed is placed on the scale, and the weighing results can then be displayed on the connected weighing electronics (weighing indicator, weighing controller or occasionally weighing transmitters). The load cells are based either on strain gauge or electromagnetic force compensation (EMFC) technology. All devices from Minebea Intec are characterized by short measuring times, accuracy and reliability and flexibility.

The appropriate weighing electronics can be set up regardless of the location of the weighing platform or mounted on a column and connected to peripheral devices or other systems via a variety of available interfaces.

For which tasks are bench and floor scales used?

Typical applications of bench and floor scales are initially basic applications: The simple recording of weight values, counting of pieces (in the field of material management) or classification and control. In addition, scales such as the Signum industrial scale can also be used for checking the contents of finished packaging units. Also possible are operations such as automatic and manual dosing and filling, as well as manual formulation for creating mixtures.

The tabletop and floor scales from Minebea Intec enable high-precision measurement results: The Signum Supreme industrial scale with EMFC weighing system, for example, offers resolutions of up to 620,000 d. The precise measurement results improves the manufacturing accuracy and so reduces scrappage of final product when quality-tested. One scale can be used for small additions to the batch instead of a small scale and a bigger scale, which means less costs in total, less rejected scrap products and thus more profitability.

What features of bench and floor scales are important?

One of the basic important features of any scale is the resolution of the weight evaluation. Depending on the requirements of the particular application, a scale with an appropriate range and scale intervals should also be selected to achieve the expected accuracy of the weighing results. In the pharmaceutical and food industries and in other industrial sectors, models for legal-for-trade applications are in demand, Minebea Intec also offers a wide range of these models.

In addition to the maximum load and division, when floor and bench scales are used, the design, such as material and IP protection class, is an important indicator of the ruggedness of the scale. For example, models from Minebea Intec are also available in full stainless steel design and protection classes such as IP69, which certifies that the product is dustproof and sufficiently protected against high-pressure cleaning with high jet water temperatures.

The seal of approval for Hygienic Design is also important: Especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries, where the purity of the end product or sterility plays a fundamental role, it is important to be able to clean the devices quickly and efficiently without germs forming in gaps. Furthermore, this also enables fast and effective cleaning, which is also reflected in lower cleaning costs due to the shorter cleaning time and less cleaning agent requirement.

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