High-precision pharmaceutical weighing solution

Load cell impresses with hygienic design and resistance to lateral forces

Weighing module Novego

Key facts

The pharmaceutical manufacturer Pharmatec GmbH tasked Minebea Intec with the installation of six vessel scales in its production process for liquid medicines. The application was carried out based on the premise of observing a hygienically clean production environment while achieving precise measurement results.

Application & Product

Liquid medicines are produced in the customer’s plant in Bahrain, which means special standards in terms of measurement accuracy, hygiene and above all, reproducibility are required.

  • Cable junction box PR 6130

Customer benefits

  • High process reliability and precision
  • High insensitivity to transverse forces
  • Hygienic design ensures efficient cleaning processes
  • High resistance against cleaning agents and corrosion

"Thanks to the hygienic design and the integrated height adjustment, the weighing module Novego was simply the perfect solution for us."



The plan was to build a plant for the production of a medicine in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The plant manufacturer Pharmatec won the tender, but faced a challenging task: the smallest possible quantities had to be accurately dosed from tanks, which had a capacity of several tonnes, to the millilitre. Not only highprecision dosing measurements, but also reliable reproducibility of the measurement results had to be guaranteed.

High-precision and reliable weighing technology was an essential prerequisite to ensure all requirements were met. Even the smallest deviations can lead to potentially harmful consequences in the production of medicines. Pharmatec therefore decided on the weighing module Novego from Minebea Intec.

In addition to the process requirements, the local conditions also presented additional challenges and several visits by specialist staff were required just for the constructive planning. Among other issues, the plant manufacturer had the problem that an inconveniently placed pump made construction more difficult. Pharmatec was able to benefit from Minebea Intec’s equipment here: the weighing module Novego has an integrated continuously variable height adjustment of up to 8 cm, allowing for different installation heights. The integrated mounting kit consisting of a 360° constrainer, lifting and tipping protection eliminates the need for time-consuming constrainer adjustment.

Further criteria included the special insensitivity to transverse forces and the hygienic design of the weighing module. In a production plant in the pharmaceutical industry, simple and residue-free cleaning must be ensured for maximum sterility. The accuracy class C3 according to OIML also ensures that the measuring accuracy and reproducibility of recipes are maintained.

The cable junction box PR 6130, which is sealed according to the Goretex principle, was another impressive component: moisture arising inside the box escapes to the outside without any moisture penetrating from the outside. This feature is particularly essential in temperature-sensitive environments.

Once the ideal components for the vessel scales were found, nothing stood in the way of building the plant. Minebea Intec provided support for the design process as well as the installation and calibration. Pharmatec’s conclusion: “We are sure that with Minebea Intec’s components, we have found an extremely precise and durable weighing solution for our process containers. All our expectations were met, and sometimes even exceeded.”



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