Checkweighing and software

Precise results optimise processes in confectionery production


Key facts

Confectionery manufacturer Sulá uses moulding processes to produce a wide range of sweets. There are just as many different types of packagings as there are sweet shapes, flavours and consistencies. Current trends as regards nutrition and recycling are also laying the foundations for new products and packaging solutions.

Application & Product

The checkweigher Synus guarantees reliable check weighing in automated packaging lines, while production is evaluated and monitored by the process software SPC@Enterprise.

Customer benefits

  • Precise weighing results: Checkweighers Synus facilitate reliable weighing of packaged products, thus helping to ensure product quality
  • Process optimisation: Connection to SPC@Enterprise assists with process control and compliance with statutory regulations

"The checkweighers from Minebea Intec have been a permanent fixture of our confectionery production for around 30 years. Their reliable technology and, of course, their simple operation have been true cornerstones of our system reliability"

Franz-Josef Laumann
Sulá GmbH Factory Manager


Confectionery manufacturer Sulá has 70 years experience in the production of confectionery, producing hard and soft sweets, both with and without a chocolate coating. The company produces both sugar-free items and products containing sugar, with the sugar-free options accounting for the majority of its range. The moulded sweets are cooled, stored and then transported to the packaging lines via conveyor belts and funnel systems. There is a huge variety: from tubular bags and folding boxes to blister packs and coiled sweets presented loose in the tray, the confectionery is all packaged in line with market requirements.

In order to guarantee the correct product weight, the manufacturer based in Metelen (Germany) has been using a “Made in Germany” checkweighing system from Minebea Intec for over 30 years. Sulá is currently using checkweighers of the Synus generation. The checkweighers provide reliable measuring results even at high process speeds, whilst also ensuring that any packages falling outside the legally defined tolerances is ejected. The integrated trend control means that the checkweighers can also regulate the upstream filling systems in the event of over- or under-filling of the packaging.


The checkweighers Synus have been developed in line with Hygienic Design directives to ensure easier cleaning. Their technology, menu guidance and design have all been created with the aim of allowing simple and flexible modification of the production line. The line can easily be altered to produce new or seasonal confectionery.

The Minebea Intec software SPC@Enterprise allows the confectionery manufacturer to comply with statutory regulations such as the packaged goods regulation. All devices are connected to and monitored by SPC@Enterprise. All of the data is fed into the Group cloud, guaranteeing complete traceability, which is indispensable when conducting audits, for example. At the same time, Sulá also analyses the data to evaluate and increase performance.


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