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Academy is Minebea Intec′s own branded training scheme. It offers customers a range of services that includes training on daily operations, training on how to repair Minebea Intec equipment as well as seminars and webinars on technology, product evolution and local regulations.


Become an expert and recharge your knowledge of weighing and inspection.

The Minebea Intec Academy is constantly expanding its extensive range of webinars for best practice sharing, knowledge sharing and guidance for improvement in various weighing and inspection technologies. Join our live webinars with experts and get valuable first-hand knowledge. You’ll also find past webinars to watch on-demand.

Our webinars will allow you to:

  • Learn more about practices and technologies
  • Exchange ideas with expert speakers
  • Optimize your time by focusing on compact webinars


User training sessions

User training sessions help to get the most out of the investment and to avoid poor operation, unnecessary downtime and repair costs. The sessions are conducted by experienced professionals, either on our customers' premises or at one of the Minebea Intec Academy training centres. All participants receive a certificate upon completion.

There are three levels available for metal detector, X-ray inspection equipmentand checkweigher training sessions.

  • Basic Training
  • Operator Training
  • Maintenance Training

Overview trainings

Basic Training – objectives

  • Obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the technology used and its possibilities and limitations
  • Understanding the environmental factors that have an influence on the correct functioning of the equipment
  • Learning how to operate and clean the machine in an effective and safe way

Operator Training – objectives

The Operator Training provides information on the following, in addition to the content provided in the Basic Training sessions:

  • Starting up the the equipment
  • Setting up the equipment for a specific product
  • Performing function tests and validations

Maintenance Training – objectives

In addition to the content provided in the Operator Training sessions, the participants also receive information on how to plan and perform regular preventive maintenance. The advantages are:

  • Maximised production performance
  • Reduction of downtimes
  • Reduction of diagnose faults

Video Tutorials We offer a variety of useful videos on our YouTube channel. Available titles include for example:

How to calibrate your process vessel scale in less than 5 minutes:

Success factors for an accurate process vessel scale:

X-ray inspection system Dylight – quick and tool-less belt change:

                                                                                                         Minebea Intec YouTube channel

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