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The best of both worlds: truck scale load cell PR 6221 with digital Connexx upgrade

The truck scale load cell PR 6221 from Minebea Intec combines the decades of experience of the leading manufacturer of weighing and inspection technology with innovative technology. When used with the converter Connexx, the user benefits from a digital solution that is quick, light and flexible to use and can withstand even the harshest ambient conditions.

Innovative technology and a proven product at the same time? With Minebea Intec, these two aspects are not mutually exclusive. With the truck scale load cell PR 6221, plant manufacturers get a product which, thanks to optimal measuring element geometry, not only offers extreme precision but was also developed specifically for the challenging ambient conditions and demands placed on truck scales.

PR 6221: equipped for all weather conditions

Truck scales are continually exposed to difficult and changeable weather conditions. The load cell, certified to protection class IP 68 and 69, is made from stainless steel and effortlessly withstands the harshest external conditions: with the correct overload protection and potential equalisation, the PR 6221 can resist voltages of up to 1,000 kV and currents of up to 100 kA without damage and therefore offers maximum lightning protection. Prolonged exposure to water, which is not uncommon in the pit of a truck scale, is also no problem: the load cells can stand more than 10,000 hours at a depth of 1.5 metres. The product is also protected against cold and de-icing salt; there is a version specifically for potentially explosive atmospheres. The load cell has been one of the most reliable weighing solutions for this area for many years and is among the leading products on the global market. In combination with the converter Connexx, the PR 6221 represents another digital solution in the load cell portfolio that is setting new standards in terms of user-friendliness.

Converter Connexx: digital upgrade for more user comfort

The fast and easy installation of the converter, which is water-tight in line with protection class IP 68, is a big plus: no cable junction box is required for the Connexx, so it can be set up quickly thanks to its practical plug connections. The standard interface CANopen ensures straightforward commissioning and calibration via indicator X3 or PC. The converter can also be installed separately from the load cell not directly under the platform and is thus exposed to possible flooding for as little time as possible. Fast signalling times ensure the truck is weighed quickly and reliably. Weight values can also be generated individually – per load cell – meaning that defective load cells can easily be identified and replaced. While, for analogue load cells, the service technician has to search for the defective load cell under the weighing platform, with the digital solution, the LED or indicator shows which load cell is affected.

“With the combination of the PR 6221 and Connexx, we are offering a verifiable solution that is extremely resistant to failure,” confirms Product Manager Holger Nichelmann. “This is a win-win for the customer: the proven long product lifetime of 15 years and more reduces service and recalibration costs, while the load cell brings extra quality and precision for vehicle weighing.” What’s more, both truck scale components are produced with the utmost care in Germany, in line with the ‘Made in Germany’ claim.

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