The ‘German Quality’ weight transmitter PR 5220 processes weight values from silo and vessel scales quickly and reliably with analogue and digital load cells.

  • High-precision weight transmitter offering a resolution of up to 120,000 increments
  • Convenient and efficient scale calibration in one minute without weights
  • Remote configuration and service functionality through integrated website
  • EasyFill® function for one-component dosing of liquids, powders and granules with configurable target, tolerance and overshoot value
  • Multiple data interfaces allow easy integration into process control systems and direct connection of a remote display
  • Slim design for space-saving installation on DIN top hat rails

Ideal for fast and high-precision weighing processes

  • Reliable and fast processing of weight values with up to 120,000 increments.

  • ‘Smart Calibration’ enables PC-based calibrationwithout weights. This efficiently reduces installation times to an absolute minimum.

  • The Remote Service functionality avoids downtime in your production

  • The simple software application, EasyFill®, for onecomponent dosing of fluids, powders and granules reduces programming time in the PLC and enables fast and flexible process changes.

  • Space-saving, cost-effective installation in the switch cabinet on DIN top hat rails.