ProRecipe XT® is the intuitive recipe management system for all manual and automatic recipe processes. The innovative software guarantees complete and controlled product safety in the food, pharma and cosmetic industries as well as a wide range of other industries.

  • Intuitive monitoring and management of recipe processes
  • Flexible integration into production systems
  • Guaranteed traceable product quality
  • Meets the validation requirements of the pharma industry

ProRecipe XT®


Safe and intuitive operating concept

Data input via barcode reader

Optimised for touchscreen operation

Little training required

Flexible integration into your production operations

Scalable software architecture

Versatile interfaces

Individual project solutions

Traceability guaranteed

Continuous documentation of batches

Comprehensive report functions

Recipe versioning with history

ProRecipe XT®

Intuitive operating concept

Thanks to ProRecipe XT®, operating errors and time-consuming data input are consigned to the history books. Its intuitive user interface ensures processes are safe, guiding the operator through each step of the formulation process. ProRecipe XT® has been optimised for touchscreens and can be controlled either from a Windows® PC or from a Maxxis 5 process controller, ensuring the best possible integration into your production processes. High level of flexibility: ProRecipe XT® can also be controlled using Microsoft® tablets, guaranteeing an unprecedented level of safety for recipes and maximum efficiency.

Flexible process integration

The ProRecipe XT® recipe management system can be integrated into your production operations in a number of different ways. The variety of ultramodern data interfaces and the modular set-up ensure minimum hassle for you here: Tailored to your individual requirements, purchase ProRecipe XT® and you will receive a system that has a lasting effect on your production operations. Benefit from the greater cost-effectiveness brought by automated processes, plus fewer sources of mistakes, as you make the most of the advantages of this recipe management system in your process.

Scalable software architecture

Modular set-up

Can be adjusted to suit your specific software architecture requirements

Possible to equip spatially extended areas with a large number of weighing cabins

Versatile interfaces mean simple integration

Individual connection to your ERP or MES system

Secure process monitoring and efficient warehouse management avoid the need for data entry twice

Easy to integrate new balances, dosing systems, etc.

Individual project solutions

Project solutions specific to your exact needs and requirements

ProRecipe XT® can be adapted to suit the purpose of your production operations

Blends perfectly into your processes

ProRecipe XT® – intuitive operation ensures quick, easy and safe formulation.

ProRecipe XT® is intuitive to operate and offers full traceability. It ensures maximum process reliability and efficient usage of raw materials.

The recipe for success in production process safety

  • ProRecipe XT® simplifies the tasks of monitoring and managing recipe processes with the help of an intuitive user interface which is optimised fortouch operation.

  • A modular software architecture and easy connection to MES or ERP systems allow for seamless, customisable integration into any production process.

  • The recipe management system logs the entire weighing and dosing process – for seamless traceability from raw material to finished product.

  • With its extensive report and audit trail functions,ProRecipe XT® meets the validation requirements of the FDA and GAMP.