Meat & Meat Substitutes

High precision weighing and inspection solutions for the meat and meat substitute industry.

Hygiene and product quality are critical in the meat and meat substitute industry. Contaminated products can lead to expensive recalls and brand damage. Whilst cost savings, sustainability and high throughput are important issues in the industry.

To efficiently meet the challenges in the production of meat and its vegan and vegetarian alternatives, there are our high-precision weighing and inspection solutions. Whether metal detectors or X-ray inspection systems for the important foreign object check or checkweighers and load cells for sorting or dosing processes: We support meat and meat substitute producers in the planning, installation and commissioning of new weighing and inspection systems.

Metal detectors for highest product quality of meat and meat substitute products

Meat and meat substitute producers who opt for metal detection benefit in many ways. First and foremost is the assurance of product quality and thus the protection of consumers. However, contaminated products can also lead to expensive recalls and brand damage.

With our search coils, free-fall or pipe metal detectors, we have the ideal solution for every product type. Even for those with large product effects, i.e. products with high conductivity, we offer high-precision metal detection solutions. Learn more about our metal detectors and discover our portfolio here. Our new metal detector Mitus® with innovative MiWave technology is particularly suitable for the meat and meat substitute industry, as it ensures high-precision detection of metallic foreign objects even with the largest product effects.

X-ray inspection systems for safety in the meat and meat substitute industry

Since bone or tissue residues can quickly contaminate food during meat production, many companies rely on our X-ray inspection systems. In addition to metal, these systems also reliably detect foreign bodies made of stone, some plastic, bone and glass and eject contaminated products. For the meat and meat substitute industry, we particularly recommend our Dypipe X-ray inspection system. This X-ray device guarantees an extremely high level of safety for viscous and liquid products.

Checkweighers assist in the efficient production of meat and vegan and vegetarian alternatives

With the help of our dynamic checkweighers, meat and meat substitute producers can optimise their production processes, improve material and resource management and increase the accuracy and consistency of production processes.

Perfect expertise for your individual requirements

We are the experts in weighing technology and offer you the perfect weighing solution for your individual project. Whether precise level control, high-precision dosing processes or hygienic solutions: With us, you get the complete measuring chain from a single source - advice and service included.

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Industrial scales for precise meat production processes

Whether for checkweighing, completeness checking, classification, sorting and counting by weight or dosing: our industrial scales can be integrated at almost all points of the production process. Our static industrial weighing solutions include bench scales, floor scales, flat-bed scales, pallet scales and weighing platforms.

Reliable load cells for precise dosing processes

To get meat substitutes as close as possible to the traditional schnitzel, steak or burger in terms of shape, consistency, taste, smell and mouthfeel, recipes often require more than 30 individual components. Also in the production of meat marinades, the right ratio of spices, oils and other liquids is important. Our high-precision load cells for container and tank weighing help to mix the right quantities of ingredients. Learn more about our load cells and our entire portfolio. In particular, our Novego® weighing module with its hygienic design is suitable for the meat and meat substitute industry.

Software solutions for recipe and data management in the meat and meat substitute industry

In addition to our high-quality weighing and inspection systems, we also have intuitive software solutions in our portfolio that simplify recipe processes, reduce raw material waste and have sophisticated safety functions such as track and trace. For manual recipe processes we offer the PC software ProRecipe XT® , for automated recipe processes the software Batch-PMS is ideally suited and with the software SPC@Enterprise our customers have a central data management tool at their disposal.

Advantages of Minebea Intec solutions for the meat and meat substitute industry

✔ Automation for increased efficiency

✔ Reduction of false rejections

✔ Ensuring hygiene and quality

✔ Maximum traceability

✔ Highly effective seal seam control

✔ Increased sustainability


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