Corrosion-resistant load cells gain customer trust

Dongyue Group in Shandong, China, recently launched fluorinated polymer project, which needs a tank weighing system with the capacity above 20 tons. Minebea Intec’s weighing system meets its requirements of corrosion resistance and high precision.

Picture of storage and metering tanks at Dongyue Group’s production site

Key facts

Dongyue Group needs to expand its production facility. The storage and metering tanks need to be weighed separately. According to the production process, there are different requirements on precision, corrosion protection and explosion

Application & Product

At Dongyue Group’s production site, there are 16 sets of storage and metering tanks, each with 3 or 4 legs, installed in a corrosive, explosion environment. The weight is read in the control room about 350 meters away.

Customer benefits

  • Load cells made of special stainless steel have better corrosion resistance
  • A mounting kit ensures minimum interference to the load cell for accurate weighing


„We trust Minebea Intec’s products, and like all the weighing systems provided by Minebea Intec in the past, we believe that these systems can help us carry out safe and reliable production.”

Yue Jun

Equipment Manager of Dongyue Chemical

Since 2017, Dongyue Chemical has been using a variety of load cells, weight indicators and controllers from Minebea Intec in its fluorinated polymer, organosilicon and hydrogen fuel proton exchange membrane projects, and has obtained a good product experience. In 2022, they expanded their fluorinated polymer product line, which included multiple tanks with the capacity of 20t and above that need to be weighed. As in the past, they turned to Minebea Intec to design these weighing systems. Dongyue Chemical’s products are rich in fluoride, which is highly corrosive. Require that the load cells in the production site will have a longer life even in corrosive environments. Minebea Intec recommended the PR 6212 load cell, an innovative 1.4418 stainless steel made load cell that has been evaluated by a certified laboratory for enhanced pitting resistance. The information of laser marking load cell , even after long-term use, can be read clearly.

Dongyue’s production line also contains materials that require constant stirring. Under the tanks of these materials, a PR 6012/32S mounting kit with a horizontal restrainer is used to ensure that customers can obtain accurate weighing data in the presence of side forces. Minebea Intec PR 6212 load cell can be used in the explosive zone 2. The data measured by the load cell is transmitted to the safe zone 350 meters away, customers can use weight indicator X2to read weights.


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