How-to Guide How the right technologies can provide effective protection against recalls to the bakery industry

Any recall of food products from the retail trade represents a threat to the manufacturer's reputation and poses a risk of considerable economic damages. Learn how foreign object detection and fill level control technologies minimise this risk and secure your production processes in our free how-to guide.

  • Compliance with standards and legal requirements
  • Protecting brand image through product quality and safety
  • Solutions for different requirement profiles
  • The correct use of metal detectors or X-ray inspection equipment

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How can I avoid recalls?

Foreign bodies in foods such as loaves of bread or other bakery products are a significant risk factor. TThat's why producers in the bakery industry need to secure both incoming goods from their supply chain and their production processes. In the How-to Guide you will learn how to make your production safer and protect yourself from recalls with Minebea Intec's solutions.

How do I choose the right weighing or inspection solution for my production?

Choosing the right system depends on the type of product, how it is packaged and your individual requirements. In the How-to Guide you will learn about the advantages of metal detectors, X-ray inspection systems and checkweighers and which system is best suited for your production.

For whom is this How-to Guide worthwhile?

The How-to Guide gives customers from the food industry an insight into the dangers of product recalls and how they can effectively protect themselves against them. Learn how our weighing and inspection solutions can help you comply with legal requirements, increase product quality and production safety and thus boost your productivity. The checklist at the end also helps you to identify needs for your production and to realise its full potential. We trust you will find the reading informative!