Intelligent technology pays for itself

We show you why it is worthwhile for you to invest now in new weighing and inspection technology, software and services from Minebea Intec. To do this, we compare the purchase costs with the concrete saving potentials that you can achieve with new technology during the entire period of use. These relate to all aspects of your production - up to legal requirements and audits as well as customer satisfaction with your brand. Find out how quickly your acquisition costs can be amortised.

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Trend Control for checkweighers

The Trend Control checkweigher option controls the upstream filling, portioning or cutting machine in such a way that the defined target weight is reached as accurately as possible and kept constant. This prevents unnecessary overfilling or underfilling and reduces rejects. Our sample calculation shows how Trend Control can save you more than 25,000 euros a year.

How to minimize rejects

SPC@Enterprise for statistical process control

SPC@Enterprise is a quality management software. It helps you to comply with legal requirements, improve product quality and keep an eye on production efficiency in order to identify and realize potential savings. Our sample calculation shows how you can save almost 30,000 euros annually with SPC@Enterprise software.

Calculate your savings potential

Calculate your savings potential

Use our ROI calculators to determine payback times and savings for your production.

Our ROI calculators

Your savings

  • Optimize your production speed
  • Avoid downtime due to outdated or poorly maintained technology
  • Minimize production errors and product recalls
  • Reduce overfilling costs
  • Ensure consistently high quality and customer satisfaction
  • Gain deeper insights into your production processes
  • Identify further savings potential
  • Optimize processes and working hours