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Reliable check weighing despite disruptive influences

Minebea Intec puts the customer first. With this in mind, the global provider of industrial weighing and inspection solutions develops innovative solutions, tailored for differing requirements across a wide range of sectors. The example of Playmobil manufacturer geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co. KG perfectly illustrates how the technology experts ensure reliable check weighing despite disruptive influences in injection moulding.

Production-related disruptive influences are present in almost all industrial environments. In injection moulding, for example, temperature fluctuations and electrostatic charge are constant companions when processing plastics but these can affect the subsequent weighing process. Electrostatic charge can be caused by transferring plastic components from one container to another, for example, which makes it more difficult to obtain precise and repeatable measurement results in the downstream process steps. Processing melted plastic causes temperatures to rise. Ventilation can help to compensate for temperature fluctuations but does create draughts, which can also affect the weighing result. For Playmobil manufacturer geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co. KG, the check weighing of packaged small parts always represents a challenge. The lack of precision when weighing small toy parts had previously been compensated for by over filling to be on the safe side.

Effective shielding ensures safe measurement results

Minebea Intec had the ideal solution for the specific challenges faced by the manufacturers of the Playmobil toy system: “The checkweigher WK+ has a protective cover that ensures draught-free weighing processes specifically for the challenging production environments in the plastics industry,” explains Willy-Sebastian Metzger, Director Marketing, Strategy & Business Development. “Our checkweighers’ load cells also have integrated temperature compensation that automatically readjusts the weighing. At the same time, the WK+ is also available with an optional ioniser for minimising electrostatic charge. All features combine to protect the weighing process against disruptive factors.” Playmobil manufacturer geobra Brandstätter were also convinced in this regard, as the use of checkweigher WK+ led to a sustainable increase in efficiency and product quality.

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