White Paper Are you aware of the disrupting influences in your weighing process?

External factors can have a considerable impact on industrial weighing processes. For example

  •  Gravity
  •  Temperature changes
  •  Air currents/draughts
  •  Electrostatic forces
  •  Magnetic forces
  •  Etc.

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What is the reason for deviating weighing results?

Internal and external factors are sometimes difficult to determine, or but can influence the weighing result. These so-called disrupting influences include, amongst others, such things as dynamic forces or air pressure and must be taken into account when precise and repeatable measurement results are required.

What factors should I consider when planning an indoor or outdoor weighing solution?

Until a correct weighing result is established, there are many factors which can influence the result. It all starts with the selection of the right weighing technology, the correct installation and calibration and ends with external factors, such as wind or heat.

Who benefits from this White Paper?

Everyone who is professionally involved with weighing solutions should know the most important disturbing influences. This White Paper discusses the basics of weighing technology, general influences on weighing applications and special challenges. In addition, it provides assistance on how to calculate external factors.