Full production efficiency and safety for the confectionery industry

Whether for weighing products or detecting foreign objects, our technologies ensure reliable processes in the confectionery industry along the production and packaging line. However, product safety and quality are only one side of the coin.

If, at the same time, manufacturing productivity is raised to a new level, our systems reveal their full potential to you. So don't settle for half measures and be sure to opt for “the true measure” with weighing and inspection solutions by Minebea Intec.

A reliable partner for the processes of the confectionery industry

Minebea Intec has decades of experience in the development and manufacture of innovative industrial weighing solutions. With a strong focus on the specific requirements of its diverse customers, the global company also offers tailor-made solutions for the confectionery sector that warrant precision and efficiency along the production line. Whether chocolate, gum, hard candy or soft candy, Minebea Intec solutions guarantee that confectionery producers benefit from product safety, production efficiency and compliance with regulations. These include, for example, intelligent, precise weighing systems that ensure the best possible fill quantity at the beginning of the sweets packaging line. The broad portfolio for the confectionery industry also includes software solutions for maximum control and increase of productivity.

Manufacturers of sweets also benefit from the continuous testing and certification procedures which ensure compliance with numerous national and international standards and regulations: for materials and products:

  • for Ex applications (explosion protection): ATEX/FM/CSA/IECEx/EAC
  • for calibration: OIML/NTEP
  • for ingress protection (IP): up to IP69k

Applications of our products


Improving productivity by optimising processes
Minebea Intec weighing technologies offer a number of possibilities to increase the yield of a production line. Starting with the increase of the production speed through to the minimisation of rejects and to the optimisation of the material consumption.

  • Process software SPC@Enterprise for statistical process control helps to monitor the entire production


Flexibility for changes due to evolving lifestyle choices, goals and seasonal products
Evolving lifestyle choices and goals such as veganism or zero waste are changing the world, and seasonal products require adjustments for a short period. No matter whether the product or its packaging changes: the weighing technologies of Minebea Intec offer a maximum of flexibility to be 100 per cent efficient in every case.

Product Quality

Product quality and safety maintain the brand image
Consumers expect consistent high quality. When it comes to product quality and safety, Minebea Intec technologies support you in two central aspects:

  • Ensuring consistent textures, colours, flavours, quantities
    Precise weighing results, e.g. in spice rooms or taste departments, ensure exact dosing of ingredients. In this area high-precision industrial scales such as Combics and software such as ProRecipe® XT efficiently support you
  • Elimination of foreign bodies


Product quality and safety maintain the brand image
Compliance assurance in the confectionery industry is a multifaceted task. Minebea Intec software and technologies can support you with appropriate versatility.

  • Ensuring consistent documentation/track and trace
    Our powerful software programmes SPC@Enterprise and ProRecipe® XT provide total transparency on the production process and complete traceability, for example, for audits
  • Conformity with the regulations on pre-packaged goods
    The software SPC@Enterprise is designed to provide both statistical process control and regulatory compliance


Top Compliance
Tailor-made solutions from Minebea Intec not only meet your requirements for throughput or production speed – they also guarantee compliance with the given regulations.


Maintaining production with complex systems
In an increasingly automated production world, it is important to prevent downtime at all costs.
Consistent maintenance programs ensure long product life circles. In addition professional user trainings improve production control and uptimes.

Engineering Support
Ensuring customers get the best solution in terms of economy, efficiency and performance

Ensuring that customers' equipment performs at its peak and that production commences on time

Maintenance and repair
Ensuring equipment uptime, recovery and performance

Prolonging equipment life time, expanding features and boosting performance

Validated performance
Professional calibration, verification and qualification

Enhancing staff capabilities for equipment handling, performance optimisation

Our products increase performance in confectionery production

Software SPC@Enterprise

Our software SPC@Enterprise helps you to comply with legal requirements, improve product quality and keep an eye on production efficiency in order to identify potential savings

Load Cells

Whether Hygienic Design, as a single load cell or as a complete weighing module – and from analogue to digital: find the perfect weighing solution

Industrial Scales

For all static weighing applications, our Combics and Signum® series of bench scales and floor scales offer you precise measurement results and multiple options.

Webinar Process Control within Confectionery

  • Introduction controlling process
  • Difficulties faced controlling process fill levels
  • How to close the processing loop to control volume
  • Moulded vs. assorted process
  • Real life applications
  • Saving potentials and ROI
  • Our experience of already increased processes within the confectionery industry

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Statistical Process Control

SPC@Enterprise is a highly efficient quality management tool. Our sample calculation shows how you can save almost 30,000 euros annually with this software

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How to minimize rejects

Trend Control prevents unnecessary overfilling or underfilling and reduces rejects. Our sample calculation shows how Trend Control can save you more than 25,000 euros a year

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