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We support you in selecting the optimum solutions in terms of accuracy, cost and desired performance. Our recommendations are based on a thorough analysis of the production process and a detailed clarification of the requirements. Our colleagues combine a deep understanding of the various logistics, production and packaging processes with extensive product knowledge to provide the best possible support.

What customised solutions do we offer?

Customised industrial scales

Industrial scales can be customised in various ways to meet specific requirements. Here are some possibilities:

  1. Customisation of size and capacity: our scales can be manufactured in different sizes and capacities.
  2. Special indicators: We have various weighing indicators on offer. Depending on your needs, our indicator solutions can be customised and attached to the industrial scale.
  3. Materials: If you need special materials to meet the requirements of your operation, we are happy to cater for this. For example, you may need a scale that is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion.
  4. Software: If you have special software requirements to combine our products with other systems, our experts will find a solution.

Overall, there are many ways to customise industrial scales. A consultation with our experienced experts will help you choose the right options.

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Customised load cells and accessories

Customer-specific requests for digital and analogue load cells - for vehicle scales or hopper and silo scales, for example - require thorough planning. When customising load cells, various factors can be taken into account, such as harsh environmental conditions, high temperatures, individual processes or special designs.

In addition, installation kits, cable boxes and electronics can also be customised to enable easy integration into the existing system. For customised load cell projects, the complete weighing system must always be taken into account.

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Customised software solutions

The customisation of software solutions for weighing and inspection technologies usually requires close cooperation with you. Firstly, we need to understand your specific requirements, including the type of weighing and inspection technology that will be used and the processes that will be automated. Based on these requirements, we can then design a customised solution that meets the specific needs. This can include customisation of user interfaces, integration of third-party software, creation of customised reports and other features.

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Customised weighing and inspection solutions

Who we are and how we work

Our team for customised solutions consists of sales, engineering and project specialists who provide you with optimal support from the initial enquiry about your specific situation through to implementation.

What we have achieved

Our passion for innovation combined with a willingness to engage in open dialogue has led to bespoke customer projects with exceptional success.

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