Weighing software: Support and documentation of your production processes

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of weighing and inspection technologies for a wide range of industries. This also includes innovative weighing software solutions that support our customers in complying with and documenting legal regulations. They also increase process reliability and open up optimisation potential in terms of efficiency and product quality.

Our three software offerings SPC@Enterprise, ProRecipeXT and Batch-PMS are customised solutions that can be easily integrated into your production environment in conjunction with our industrial scales, checkweighers, load cells, weighing electronics and advice from our application specialists. We plan the layout together with you and work with your IT department to integrate the solution into your existing system.

Our dedicated application specialists are at your side during the commissioning phase

They offer comprehensive support and are happy to take on your individual requirements - be it the configuration of reports, the realisation of SQL data exports or the implementation of additional functions according to your specific requirements.

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SPC@Enterprise: Efficient tool for quality control and production optimisation

Discover SPC@Enterprise (SPC = Statistical Process Control), our PC software for quality control and production optimisation. This advanced software easily handles management and documentation tasks throughout your production process. By precisely recording weight data from both static and dynamic scales, SPC@Enterprise sets standards in industrial quality assurance.

The versatility of SPC@Enterprise extends across various production areas. The software communicates seamlessly with metal detectors, X-ray machines, vision systems and a variety of other devices. This integration not only captures data, but also analyses it to identify deviations and optimise production processes.

Users benefit in many ways:

  • SPC@Enterprise sustainably prevents overfilling of packs, promotes economic sustainability and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Centralised data management in SPC@Enterprise enables the central creation of master data that is accessible on all devices for smooth production.
  • SPC@Enterprise identifies deviations in the production process quickly and reliably, which increases production efficiency.
  • The monitoring of critical CPs in accordance with HACCP and compliance with IFS, BRC and other standards by SPC@Enterprise ensure consistent quality and minimise product recalls.
  • Individualised test routines, simplified communication and automatic notifications in SPC@Enterprise save working time and reduce costs.
  • The modular design of SPC@Enterprise and the server-client structure ensures simple installation in system landscapes and a high level of data security in MS-SQL databases.
  • With the FlexCollector, a variety of devices from other providers can be integrated into the software.
  • SPC@Enterprise offers enormous savings potential for a rapid return on investment (ROI).

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Our weighing software offers a number of advantages

✓ Reduced training requirements and minimised operating errors thanks to intuitive use

✓ Complete traceability through logging of the entire weighing and dosing process

✓ Easy integration into existing systems (PLC, ERP, MES, ...) thanks to numerous hardware and software interfaces

✓ Can be used worldwide in compliance with country-specific standards and regulations thanks to international approvals

✓ Customised mapping of process sequences through flexible, project-specific adaptations

✓ Centralised data management avoids redundancies and increases process speed and security

✓ No more paper required for documentation, saves costs and protects the environment

✓ Flexible integration of existing scales

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Optimise your recipe process with ProRecipeXT® from Minebea Intec

A highly accurate and well-documented formulation is crucial for product quality and efficiency in many manufacturing processes. Many companies work with valuable raw materials. Here, untested mixing processes can affect products or entire product batches due to over-, under- or incorrect dosing and render them unusable for sale. In order to accurately document and track the consumption of these raw materials, the use of a highly accurate and reliable solution is crucial for the entire formulation process.

The ProRecipeXT® software from Minebea Intec offers a recipe management and weighing system that records all process-relevant data from the weighing process

  • With ProRecipeXT® you ensure consistent product quality and maximise the use of your valuable raw materials, resulting in significant time and cost savings.
  • The intuitive user interface of ProRecipeXT® ensures safe and efficient production processes, minimises errors and optimises workflows.
  • Thanks to comprehensive reporting functions, ProRecipeXT® offers complete traceability of all recipe processes, ensuring compliance with quality standards and regulatory requirements.
  • ProRecipeXT® can be easily integrated into existing systems thanks to a wide range of interfaces. This enables smooth collaboration with other company applications.

The scanning function of ProRecipeXT® provides an additional check of the materials and batches used to ensure the highest safety standards.

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Batch PMS: weighing software for fully automated processes

The Batch-PMS software combines all the essential functions of modern process control technology, including multi-user operation. This integrated solution enables the simple automation of weighing and process engineering batch applications. Its modular performance spectrum is versatile and can be used for everything from simple to complex dosing processes. Batch-PMS ensures smooth integration into existing network and system structures and offers modules for process control, production management, recipe management, data management and more:

  • Batch-PMS impresses with its simple operating concept, modular structure and multi-user operation, which enables efficient and flexible use.
  • Get a quick status overview and simplified operation with our integrated process visualisation.
  • The software integrates seamlessly into existing network and system infrastructures without the need for complex customisation, ensuring smooth implementation.
  • Batch-PMS enables a flexible connection to external PLC systems as well as higher-level ERP and database systems to ensure optimum networking.

The software ensures maximum data security, including integrated backup functionality to guarantee the security of your valuable data.

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Frequently asked questions

What advantages does the SPC@Enterprise weighing software offer in prepackaging and statistical process control?

  • Logging of critical process parameters of any kind
  • Net content control: average weight/minimum fill level
  • Inspection of solids and liquids
  • Tare modes: fixed (average) tare, variable tare, destructive tare determination
  • Test weighing for setting up batches without official recording
  • Definition of standards: Tolerances are edited and extended to take new requirements into account
  • Multi filling head control
  • Freely selectable statistics periods and other filter criteria for customised evaluations
  • Various data can be processed, printed or exported (PDF, Excel, Word)

Which measuring systems support the SPC@Enterprise weighing software?

  • SPC@Enterprise is supported by the Combics® 3 bench and floor scale with Ethernet interface and the H6 option
  • All Signum® high-resolution bench scales support SPC@Enterprise
  • All current Minebea Intec checkweighers, metal detectors  and X-ray inspection systems are supported by SPC@Enterprise.

How does the EasyFill® software application work?

Minebea Intec offers two different solutions in the area of single-component dosing tailored to the respective degree of complexity of the application. For simple dosing tasks EasyFill® is pre-installed in the PR 5220 and PR 5230 weighing transmitters and the X3 weighing indicator. For complex automated dosing and filling applications where additional process steps are required such as jogging or inflation, the software application IBC the portfolio - based on the Maxxis 4 and Maxxis 5 weighing controllers.

EasyFill® is a simple solution for dosing liquids, powders and granulates. An electronic weighing system controls the required dosing signals (coarse/fine) using its integrated digital inputs and outputs.

  • Particularly economical application - without complex programming in a PLC
  • Precise dosing results thanks to user-specific configurable setpoint, tolerance and overrun values
  • Time-saving, web-based configuration
  • Flexible operation via PC, front keypad, external buttons or remote control via PLC
  • Integrated database for up to 10 container sizes

The following of our weighing electronics support EasyFill®:

  • Weighing transmitter PR 5220 and PR 5230
  • Weighing indicator X3
  • Maxxis 5 weighing controller (in combination with ProRecipe XT®)

How does multi-component dosing work with the BATCH software application?

For demanding dosing applications, Minebea Intec offers compact all-in-one solutions with the Maxxis 4 and Maxxis 5 weighing controllers, which combine scales, PLC and operator terminal. The BATCH software application ensures recipe-based, manual or automatic weighing of products on up to four scales. The user can create and manage orders, recipes and materials on the large colour display of the weighing controller and start the dosing process directly from a menu.

Thanks to simple synchronisation and predefined process control components, even less experienced users can define process sequences easily and clearly. The simulation function, with which all weighing processes can be checked "dry", i.e. in advance of production, makes process design easier than ever before. Comprehensive reporting functions enable traceability from raw material to product and facilitate documentation.

How does manual dosing work with the BATCH software application?

For manual formulation applications, the BATCH software application in combination with the Maxxis 4 and Maxxis 5 weighing controllers offers a powerful stand-alone solution:

  • Network-independent operation thanks to integrated database for material, recipe and order information
  • Clearly understandable user dialogues
  • Precise dosing thanks to colour bar graph with tolerance limits
  • Process reliability through integrated query of the material ID, e.g. via barcode reader
  • Minimisation of production waste due to overdosing through
  • Recalculation function

How does automatic dosing work with the BATCH weighing software application?

The BATCH software application also enables the control of automatic processes. Ideal for modular dosing systems with optional connection to higher-level systems, Minebea Intec offers a proven application package that can be configured to individual requirements:

  • Orders, materials and recipes can be automatically dosed onto up to four scales in parallel
  • Integrated control functions, e.g. to control dosing valves or a mixer, replace additional PLCs
  • Standard dosing functions guarantee reproducible results
  • Integrated overrun correction automatically increases the dosing accuracy during production
  • Intuitive displays provide a complete overview of all scales and process steps
  • Numerous interfaces such as OPC, Modbus TCP, Profibus DP, Profinet, Ethernet IP or Devicenet enable integration into higher-level control systems, e.g. for setpoint specification
  • Freely configurable print layouts allow detailed documentation of the dosing results

How does the IBC software application for complex filling processes work?

IBC is ideally equipped for controlling all types of processes in which IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) are automatically filled or emptied. The standard software can be used to automatically control the filling of containers such as big bags or storage containers with liquid, powdered or granulated products. Standard functions shorten the installation time and guarantee flawless, reproducible results.

  • Automatic dosing processes controlled by powerful dosing algorithms guarantee precise results
  • Integrated alibi memory function allows use in legal-for-trade applications
  • Flexible process definitions enable customisation to individual requirements through simple configuration
  • The integrated overrun correction automatically increases the dosing accuracy during production
  • Integrated direct control of valves and feeders eliminates the need for an additional PLC
  • Comprehensive material and consumption reports provide precise information on material consumption

The following of our weighing electronics support IBC:

  • Maxxis 4 
  • Maxxis 5 weighing controllers

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