Who we are and how we work The power of our engineering team

We deliver the exact solution your application needs. Our engineering team accompanies you every step of the way. Once we have analysed your specific requirements in detail and clarified all the important questions for the project, we begin to develop innovative solution proposals. To do this, we utilise all our resources, skills and tools.

We work together on an interdisciplinary basis to find the best possible solution for you. Another key to success is close collaboration with you: Images of existing production processes and ideas relating to prototyping lead to a joint result that helps in the long term.

Our engineering team

Pre-Sales & Application

Our pre-sales colleagues for special technical solutions have the highest level of expertise in their field and many years of experience in the implementation of customised weighing and inspection technologies.

The technical expertise of our team of application specialists goes even further. There are few applications they haven't heard of and if they do find a new one, they are happy to take on new, complex challenges.

Whether it's integrating our systems into existing production lines or developing new technologies: Our specialists for special technical solutions are always ready to contribute their expertise.

Project Management

Project management tailored to individual customer requirements in the field of weighing and inspection technologies: We provide you with dedicated contact persons who will do everything they can to understand your requirements and expectations and fulfil them in the best possible way.

Our project management team has extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the realisation of complex projects. We attach great importance to smooth and efficient processing in order to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

In addition, we are always available to answer technical questions and provide support with the maintenance and repair of our systems. With us, you can rely on a passion for innovation and the highest commitment to excellent customer service.

PC software

Support and documentation of your production processes: Our three different software offerings are customised solutions that can be easily integrated into your production environment in conjunction with our hardware and the advice of our application specialists. We work with you to plan the layout and liaise with your IT department to integrate the solution into your existing network.

ProRecipeXT is ideal for manual recipe processes. In addition to the standard software, which is already characterised by its flexibility with various modules, it is also possible to implement your specific solutions. Our software team will analyse your processes and map them in ProRecipeXT.

Batch PMS is the ideal solution for fully automated processes. The product combines control hardware with control software and is customised precisely to your project. There is no standard solution", everything is configured to your requirements and implemented by our project team.

SPC@Enterprise takes over the management and documentation tasks in your production process. It collects weight data from static and dynamic scales, connects to metal detectors, X-ray inspection systems, visual inspection and much more.

The right modules need to be set up to establish these connections to the various systems. In addition, our application specialists can take your special requests for reports, SQL data export or additional functions and implement them with the IT department


The hardware customisation department makes it possible to implement everything from small changes to large projects. This means, for example, adapting the display of industrial scales, customising cable lengths and designs for a variety of requirements such as high heat, moisture or even rodent protection.

Our inspection products can also be tailored to individual requirements such as multi-track systems or side guides, ATEX freefall metal detection, customised reject systems. We can realise almost all applications.

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What we offer

From advice on selecting the right weighing or inspection solution for your application to the manufacture of a customised product and commissioning: our team is at your side throughout the entire process.

What we have achieved

Our passion for innovation combined with a willingness to engage in open dialogue has led to bespoke customer projects with exceptional success.

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