Agribusiness industry

The agribusiness industry, in covering a wide range of activities relating to the business of agriculture, has great demand for technology that facilitates filling, weighing and inspection of materials and products – technology that Minebea Intec supplies. Bulk materials such as fertilizers, feedstuffs and food products must be inspected, weighed, packaged and delivered.

Minebea Intec’s extensive range of weighing and foreign body inspection products, both automated and manual, has a high-quality solution for every such need. Our truck scale solutions, silo scales and other bench and floor scales offer the robustness needed for weighing bulk materials, and resilient dosing and sorting solutions are also available. All solutions can be supplied for use in outdoor environments, with suitable IP and lightening protection and with high resistance to moisture, corrosion, dust and temperature variations.

A reliable partner for quality control and process equipment for the agribusiness sector

Minebea Intec has many years of experience in the development and manufacturing of innovative production and quality assurance equipment for weighing and foreign body detection purposes. Much of this experience has been in agricultural industry applications, where quality control plays a vital role in ensuring product safety and quality while also maximising the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of production processes. As a reliable partner of agribusiness sector suppliers around the world, Minebea Intec invests heavily and constantly in testing and certification in accordance with various national and international standards and regulations, such as

  • for materials and products: EHEDG/FDA/HACCP/IFS/EAC/AAA/NSF
  • for Ex applications (explosion protection): ATEX/FM/CSA/IECEx/EAC
  • for calibration: OIML/NTEP
  • for ingress protection (IP): up to IP69k

Our products and solutions are developed to cover as much requirements of the agriculture industry as possible such as high resistance to corrosion as well as lightning protection. Our solutions offer IP protection, moisture, dust and temperature variations. Ease of use is also standard, and the use of batteries for flexible power supply, and versatile connectivity options are included as appropriate. We are thus well prepared to meet the widely varying needs of agriculture industry suppliers, whatever their product or field of activity – and, of course, to provide the associated quality documentation that might be required for any application. Ease of calibration, cleaning and operation is also standard.

Applications of our products

Goods In

Checking of incoming materials
Ensuring that all materials that will be used in the production or packing process are exactly delivered as ordered is a critical quality control measure. If not, the integrity of the entire process is at risk before it begins, and the quality of the end product is already jeopardised.
Minebea Intec has everything needed to check incoming goods and stored materials for weight content – efficiently, reliably and fully compliantly with applicable quality and safety standards.


Weighing during portioning and packing operations
Minebea Intec’s weighing solutions are ideally suited to meeting the needs of agribusiness suppliers in their filling and packaging operations, ensuring that product will be neither undersupplied (risking customer dissatisfaction) nor oversupplied (reducing profitability).
The extensive range includes digital and hygienic solutions for process vessels, bench, floor and pallet scales, weighing terminals and specialised checkweighing equipment.

Goods Out

Final weighing before delivery
Once products have been processed as finished or semi-finished product or be stored as raw material, they are ready for delivery to customers. Here, reliable control and documentation of the product transfer is important for commercial and risk-avoidance reasons.
Minebea Intec’s wide range of industrial scales covers every such application, efficiently and reliably. In some cases, it may be most efficient to weigh an entire truck. This will be accomplished by truck scales. Before or after loading a truck, the details of all recorded goods may be integrated into the company’s commercial quality control system.

Our products and solutions for the agricultural industry

Truck scale components and solutions

Our truck scale components are extremely robust and reliable, being designed to withstand severe loading from heavy road vehicles, but offer a very high degree of weighing precision.

Silo and process vessel weighing solutions

Our range of silo and process vessel weighing solutions includes analogue load cells, load cells for hygienic applications and also load cells with Digital Assistance Technology, which facilitates quick commissioning and easy monitoring of system status. All our weighing solutions offer minimised installation and calibration times.

Bench and Floor Scales

Our bench and floor scales are designed for high-precision weighing of loads ranging from 0.001 g to 3000 kg, and can be supplied for connection to a weighing terminal or directly to a customised control system. They are also available for Ex applications and many other challenging production environments.

Weighing terminals

Minebea Intec offers a complete range of weighing terminals for connection to weighing scales of many kinds for data input/output purposes. The range includes devices for use with truck scales, vessel and silo scales, and bench, floor and pallet scales, which can be supplied as programmable devices that may be used independent of a separate computer.

Formulation & Manual Recipe Weighing

Our formulation and manual or automated recipe-weighing solutions offer high efficiency, user-friendliness, and full traceability thanks to their automated recording of data.

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