Precise floor scales for industrial applications

Floor scales are used in various industries and applications to carry out precise weight measurements of heavy or bulky goods. These include, for example, the food industry, agriculture or warehouses and logistics centres, where the exact quantity of incoming or outgoing goods is determined. However, industrial floor scales are also used for checkweighing and completeness checks, for classifying, sorting and counting or for checking stock levels, production quantities and the statistical control of production processes.

We have a large selection of floor scales including all accessories such as weighing indicators, printers or barcode readers. Thanks to our comprehensive service approach - from the initial consultation to commissioning and maintenance - we can provide you with floor scale solutions that are precisely tailored to the requirements profile of your specific application: from conformity-assessed to hygienic to EX-certified. The result is highly precise and reliable measurement results, at any time and for any requirement.

Everything from a single source

We provide you with all components for weighing on the floor from a single source - be it floor scales themselves, weighing indicators or accessories such as floor stands, pit frames or loading ramps.

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Combics® floor scales

The Combics® floor scale combines precision with variety. Our platforms are equipped with proven, precise strain gauge technology - individual variants with high-resolution electromechanical force compensation. The modular design allows maximum flexibility for the separate installation of indicator and platform. The choice is yours:

  • Three intuitive indicators for different requirements
  • Various material designs such as stainless steel
  • Load ranges from 3 kg to 3 tonnes
  • Readability from 0.001 g g to 200 g
  • Platforms in a wide range of designs and dimensions
  • Various resolutions from 3,000 d to 340,000 d
  • Verified version and Ex solutions
  • A wide range of accessories, options and extensions
  • Optimum connectivity and integration into existing systems
  • Easy-to-use application programmes

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Midrics® floor scales

The Midrics® floor scale is robust, durable and easy to clean.

Depending on the application, the indicator can be set up independently of the location of the platform or mounted on a pedestal.

The choice is yours:

  • Wide range of indicators and platforms
  • Protection classes IP65 or IP67/IP68
  • Load ranges from 3 kg to 3 tonnes
  • Readability from 0.2 g to 200 g
  • Verified version
  • Various resolutions from 3,000 d to 15,000 d
  • Large variety of interfaces
  • Wide range of accessories, options and extensions


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Puro® floor scales

The scales in the Puro® series have been developed for a wide range of weighing requirements. Whether weighing, counting or quality control - all Puro® scales are characterised by speed and precision. With their robust design and innovative and user-friendly applications, Puro® scales have proven themselves in all areas of industrial weighing.

Puro® makes excellent weighing technology affordable  

Customers select their Puro® from an extensive portfolio according to their needs. Delivery takes place very quickly via one of our worldwide distribution hubs.

  • Compact scales - With large, bright displays and a traffic light function for ease of use
  • Weighing indicator - Reliable, precise weighing results practically in the blink of an eye
  • Bench and floor scales - In many customised dimensions, capacities, resolutions and designs
  • Bench and floor weighing platforms - robust solutions for a wide range of requirements

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Your benefits from our floor scales

✓ Increase in efficiency

✓ Intuitive operation prevents application errors

✓ Reduction of waste

✓ Reliable sample weighing

✓ Time and cost savings during cleaning thanks to

✓ Hygienic design


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Weighing platforms

Industrial weighing platforms are a type of floor scale. They are characterised by particularly large platforms and are suitable for all areas in which heavy and voluminous loads are weighed. With the IF flat-bed scale and the IU pallet scale, we offer robust and precise weighing solutions that are also suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres. They have a hygienic design, are mobile thanks to their castors and stand for low maintenance costs and a long service life.

Flat-bed scales IF

The IF flat-bed scale was developed for use close to the floor in the smallest of spaces. Its very low profile contributes to safety and makes it very easy to clean. It is a high-quality, flexible and mobile weighing station and is used in the production process wherever reliable measurement results and hygienic solutions are required. Its advantages and options are

  • Customised products on request
  • Various material designs such as stainless steel
  • Verified version and Ex solutions
  • Protection classes IP65, IP68 or IP69
  • Resolution up to 30,000 d, in legal metrology
  • Traffic up to 2 x 3000 e
  • Load ranges from 150 kg to 3,000 kg
  • Platforms in a wide range of designs and dimensions

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Pallet scale IU

The IU pallet scale is available in 48 basic models to provide a customised weighing solution for a wide range of industrial requirements at any time. A comprehensive selection of additional options rounds off the series:

  • Various material designs such as stainless steel
  • Ex solutions
  • Protection classes IP65 or IP68
  • Resolution from 15,000 d to 30,000 d, 1 x 3,000 e and 2 x 3,000 e
  • Load ranges from 300 kg to 3,000 kg
  • Insert plates and additional stands on request
  • Customised products on request


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Weighing indicators for floor scales

In order to be able to utilise the weight values determined by the industrial scales efficiently in the production processes, the signals must be determined and passed on to the production control system. Weighing indicators are available specifically for floor scales for this purpose.

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Floor scale software for optimising your production processes

Innovative software products are available for the reliable integration of our floor scales into production lines. These are continuously updated and expanded. For our service customers, the updates are automatically included as part of their contract level.

Software SPC@Enterprise

The powerful software for statistical process control offers many advantages:

  • Effective networking of a wide range of devices and systems from Minebea Intec and other suppliers
  • Fast process control thanks to powerful monitor programme
  • Simple creation of production or calibration statistics
  • Simple data backup, less risk of data loss

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ProRecipe XT® software

Intelligent recipe management guarantees reliable processes in many industries.

  • For intuitive control and monitoring of recipe processes
  • Can be flexibly integrated into production systems
  • Guaranteed traceable product quality
  • Fulfils the validation requirements of the pharmaceutical industry

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We advise you on the selection of the right floor scales

Taking into account requirements for the device such as the weighing range, resolution or the reproducibility of results as well as physical characteristics such as the material of the scale play a role in the selection. External factors such as external interference or process requirements also place additional demands on an industrial scale. Choosing the right interface is also essential to ensure that the scale can communicate seamlessly with existing devices.

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Best Practices

Minebea Intec supports China in the conversion of heating cost measurement

The Chinese government's decision to introduce consumption-based heating cost billing presented the National Institute of Metrology in Beijing with the task of finding a precise solution.

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Ensuring ATEX compliance for a leading aerospace company

Avio, a leading developer of aerospace propellants, chose Minebea Intec to implement new ATEX standards in manual dispensing.

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Minebea Intec combines precise weighing results with a flexible and mobile design

Mobile scales are an ideal solution for industrial environments that require more flexibility and improved space utilisation in work processes. Minebea Intec combined a high-resolution industrial scale with an indicator to create a flexible, precise weighing solution.

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Fruit juice producer optimises production efficiency with products from Minebea Intec

A company from the beverage industry wanted to optimise statistical fill quantity control and have a future-proof, decentralised software solution for this. With SPC@Enterprise and the Combics bench scale, the requirements were exceeded.

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Frequently asked questions

In which industries are floor scales used?

Floor scales are used in various industries and applications to perform precise weight measurements of heavy or bulky goods. Here are some of the most common applications for floor scales:

  • Industrial production: Floor scales play a crucial role in industrial manufacturing, especially when it comes to weighing raw materials, intermediate products and end products. They ensure accurate dosing and quality control during the manufacturing process.
  • Logistics and shipping: Floor scales are used in warehouses and logistics centres to determine the exact quantity of incoming or outgoing goods. This is important for inventory management, dispatch processing and logistics optimisation.
  • Food industry: Floor scales are indispensable in the food industry for accurately weighing ingredients, packaging and finished products. This is crucial for adhering to recipes, ensuring food safety and fulfilling legal requirements.
  • Chemical industry: In chemical production, floor scales are used for the precise dosing of chemicals. This is important to ensure that mixtures are produced according to specific requirements and that the quality of the end products is guaranteed.
  • Waste and recycling industry: Floor scales are used to weigh waste and recyclable materials. This enables accurate accounting in the recycling process and contributes to the efficient management of waste streams.
  • Agriculture: In agriculture, floor scales are used to weigh harvests, animal feed and agricultural products. This is important for trade, inventory management and monitoring agricultural processes.
  • Research and laboratory: In scientific laboratories, floor scales are used for precise measurements in various experiments where exact weights of substances are required.

The versatility of floor scales makes them an indispensable tool in numerous industries where accurate weight data is required for efficient and high-quality production.

How do adjustment, calibration and conformity assessment work with floor scales?

Some of Minebea Intec's industrial scales have a built-in calibration weight circuit. This allows the accuracy of the scale to be checked at the touch of a button.

The sensitivity of the scales can also be easily adjusted at the touch of a button. To ensure traceable weighing results and compliance with legal requirements, we also offer calibration and conformity assessment (formerly verification) of scales as part of our services. Our expertise in this area is proven by the following certifications and accreditations:

  • Certificate of recognition of a quality management system in accordance with 2014 / 31 / EU for non-automatic weighing instruments
  • DAkkS accreditation for the calibration of non-automatic weighing instruments according to DIN EN / ISO / IEC 17025
  • DAkkS accreditation for the calibration of weights from 1 mg - 1000 kg in accordance with DIN EN / ISO / IEC 17025
  • Certified QM system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001

Are floor scales also available for potentially explosive areas (EX solutions)?

For the safe operation of equipment in hazardous areas, local safety requirements and the safety level of the equipment must be compatible. As a reliable partner to industry, Minebea Intec has international approvals such as IECEx, ATEX, NEC, CEC and NEPSI and an extensive range of industrial bench and floor scales for hazardous areas. All our ATEX-approved scales can be used as an Ex solution in EX zones 1 and 21.

The following floor scales are available as ex-versions:


Combics® floor scales

Precision, variety and modular design for maximum flexibility.

Indicators and platforms available as ex-solution.


Flat-bed scales IF

The high-quality, flexible and mobile weighing station for heavy and large loads.


Pallet scale IU

Reliable and versatile for weighing pallets.

What configuration options are available for industrial scales?


Different platforms are available depending on the size, weight and environment of the goods and products to be weighed. Together with the indicators, these provide an optimum solution for almost any weighing task and application.


Various material versions

from stainless steel to powder-coated and galvanised

Load ranges

from 0.6 kg to 3,000 kg

Platform size

from 320 mm to 2,000 mm


0.001 g to 1000 g

Calibratability/Ex solution

Various accuracy classes/ different Ex zones

What accessories and extensions are available for floor scales?

All accessories and extensions to the floor scale portfolio have been developed with a special focus on the needs of our customers and have proven themselves many times over in a wide variety of industries.

Industrial printer

Compact and powerful, there are several industrial printers to choose from for a wide range of applications. The advantages and options are

  • Reliable and fast printing of process, product and weighing data
  • Simple, intuitive installation and operation
  • Robust, space-saving product design
  • Process reliability and quality thanks to seamless print data management
  • Various printing processes: Direct thermal, thermal transfer or 9-pin matrix

Barcode reader

  • Visual and acoustic feedback when reading the barcode
  • Processes a wide range of barcode types, up to 120 mm wide
  • Green LED for user feedback

Floor stands and tripods

  • Different material designs
  • Versatile, application-supporting heights

Pit frame

  • Different material designs
  • Installation kit available

Access ramps

  • Various models
  • Installation kit included

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