Juice producer optimises production efficiency

Combination of industrial scale and statistical process control software exceeds requirements

Combics 3 in Beckers Bester Production site

Key facts

The weighing system previously being used for the fill quantity control was no longer technically up-to-date. The precise Combics scales and the SPC@Enterprise software guarantee the checking and evaluation of filling, and the hassle-free documentation for compliance with the German Packaged Goods Regulation. This increases both efficiency and process reliability in equal measure.

Application & Product

Using the industrial scale Combics 3 and the software SPC@Enterprise, checking of filling can be carried out easily and intuitively as part of predefined checking routines: standardised, needs-based, documented and paperless.

Customer benefits

  • Intuitive operation of the checkweighers
  • Improved process performance
  • Statistical monitoring ensures increased efficiency
  • Highly precise measurement results for greater accuracy

"With SPC@Enterprise, the tedious local process of checking and the maintenance of master data on paper is no longer required. The filling process can be easily checked on the PC – all the values can be accessed online. The combination of the industrial scale Combics and SPC@Enterprise enables us to achieve improved efficiency in production and creates possibilities for cost savings.”

Thomas Riechmann

Quality Management, beckers bester

beckers bester wanted to replace the single-workstation solutions for the statistical fill quantity control with an efficient, networked statistical control. In order to best combine the various aspects of sustainability (ecology, economy and social responsibility), the company opted for a completely paperless solution.

The new system therefore had to be able to process various types of packaging including glass but also bonded drinks cartons. At the same time, it was important that the user gained optimal transparency of the filling process, without have to physically remain at the relevant workstations in order to react quickly to any deviations. The SPC@Enterprise solution from Minebea Intec met all these requirements and the company’s production is now also in good shape to meet future challenges.

For pre-packaging checking with static checkweighers, samples are weighed manually. The measurement data is assessed in SPC@Enterprise, documented and stored in the MS SQL database. Workflows for checking routines can be created centrally for all control stations and operating processes can be adapted according to individual requirements.

In the future, beckers bester is planning for the master data for the inspection plans and inspection orders to be transferred from the central master data system. SPC@Enterprise is therefore already installed with the relevant interfaces to enable product data such as net weight, density data and operator information to be transferred from the central ERP system.

This connection will mean that master data maintenance will no longer be required. Based on the imported data, SPC@Enterprise calculates the relevant limits using the target weight and the tolerance system as defined in the German Packaged Goods Regulation.


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