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New metal detector Mitus®: maximum detection, minimum rejection Premium metal detection has a new name

May 2023 –The metal detection system Mitus® offers users a whole new level of foreign object detection: Thanks to its flexible modulation feature MiWave, the inspection solution from Minebea Intec reliably detects contaminated products of a wide range of sizes, shapes and compositions, thereby preventing needless incorrect rejections. This ensures maximum product safety and efficiency on the production line.

With the new metal detection system Mitus®, Minebea Intec offers a high-precision inspection solution for detecting foreign objects in almost all applications in the food and drinks industry. Thanks to its flexible modulation feature MiWave, the system ignores high product effects caused by product shape, size and composition, and minimises incorrect separations in the process. This enables Mitus® to reliably detect foreign objects. Another impressive feature of the metal detector is the variety of models available, which ensures it can be easily integrated into existing systems.

Maximum product safety and output for almost all applications

In the food industry, reliable metal detection devices make a difference in how effectively they offset product effects, i.e. how the product itself affects the electromagnetic field. The size of the product effect depends on a range of factors, including product shape, size, temperature, moisture and the concentration of ingredients, particularly the salt content of the product. Generally speaking, if these properties change, it can lead to unexpected product effects, which can pose problems for conventional metal detectors. Flexibility is the key to success here. Mitus® handles this challenge thanks to its flexible modulation feature MiWave. MiWave artificially modulates transmitter waves and intelligently resolves and analyses the receiver spectrum. This enables Mitus® to automatically minimise the problem of incorrect rejections and therefore provide maximum detection sensitivity for foreign objects made from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, stainless steels and light metals like aluminium.

Mitus® enables fast and easy integration into existing production systems

Mitus® is also easy to integrate into existing systems: the inspection solution is available in most standard sizes and as a rectangular, round or compact detection coil, which means it can be integrated into your system even if there is limited space available. Mitus® can be easily combined with other inspection solutions, such as weighing technology, and integrated into existing production lines. The product is also equipped with the standardised Minebea Intec user interface, which makes for easy and intuitive operation. One example of this is the integrated teach-in mode, which reduces the configuration of new products to a few simple steps, thus saving the customer valuable time.

Mitus®: robust, reliable and cost-effective

It’s not just the operation of the Mitus® that impresses: cleaning and maintenance are also easier thanks to the device’s design, which complies with Hygienic Design guidelines. The metal detector is made from stainless steel and protected against pressure jet cleaning. Smooth, self-drain surfaces predominate, while dead space and rebates have been minimised throughout. The easy cleaning saves time and cleaning materials, and therefore costs. “With Mitus® we are offering users a premium metal detection solution: as a critical control point, it ensures that foreign objects are reliably detected despite high and variable product effects,” says Linus Dellweg, Global Product Manager at Minebea Intec. “Users can also rely on our products being of premium ‘Made in Germany’ quality: we have now been manufacturing detection solutions for over seven decades, with consumers and manufacturers alike benefiting from our reliable product inspection technology.”

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