Brewery uses Puro® scales to increase efficiency during the canning process

Moby Dick Brewing Co required more robust and efficient scales that would withstand the canning environment within their production facility.

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Key facts

Moby Dick Brewing Co brews ales and lagers in their hometown of New Bedford, Massachusetts. They produce American Style Lager, Irish Style Amber Ale, IPAs, an English Style Porter and many European style ales and lagers.

Application & Product

Moby Dick Brewing Co needed a much more robust bench scale they could use to measure batch ingredients and within their canning process to verify the quantity tolerances.

  • Puro® SmallFlat compact scale

Customer benefits

  • Puro® outlasted 4 other branded scales, reducing expenditure and waste
  • The red / green light indicators allow the customer to set their range and can quickly adjust flow rates as they can their products
  • Reduced cost and wastage of labels


„I like the fast red / green lights. We set our range and now can quickly adjust flow rates as we can our product. The unit gets beer splashed all over it and yet has not failed. We wipe it down after a canning and put it back on the shelf - it works every time. It’s easily out lasted 3 or 4 of the other junk scales I used to buy..”

Scott Brunelle


Brewmaster Scott Brunelle at Moby Dick Brewing Co was spending a huge amount of money on poor quality bench scales that were not robust enough to withstand the canning process within the Moby Dick brewery. Scott commented ‘We were using junk scales from online and they were cheap. They worked for a while, then failed for a number of reasons.I remembered one of our beer mug club members did something with scales. Enter Jim St. Pierre from New Bedford Scale Co. Inc. Jim St. Pierre, a long-standing Minebea Intec Partner said ‘I suggested Scott try a Puro® SmallFlat scale with the check-weighing feature activated. They need to weigh fine ingredients for the batches, but really needed it to be able to verify a full can of beer during the canning process. It worked great and continues to do so many, many months later. I am pleasantly surprised how robust and accurate it remains.’

The Puro® SmallFlat scale offers durable, compact and multifunctional weighing solutions. With a large, bright display, tactile keys, a traffic light function (Hi-Lo-Go), user-friendly navigation and capacity to weigh up to 30 kg it’s a real all-rounder. Since the Puro® SmallFlat scale has been in use within the brewery they’ve reduced their expenditure on poor quality equipment, they can quickly adjust flow rates according to the traffic light indicators to ensure no under filling and they also no longer waste any labels. This is because labelling only takes place if the can contents is in tolerance. They were prone to running out of labels before the canning run was complete due to too many underfills post labeling but by measuring beforehand this has saved them time and money and reduced waste.


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