Control production Digitize and save up to 50%

Digitalize your new checkweigher with our SPC@Enterprise software:

  • Central management and control of your checkweigher
  • Intuitive monitoring from the office and information and alerts via email
  • Fast initiation of actions based on real-time data
  • Storage of reports & statistics in a secure database
  • Monitoring of multiple production lines at a glance
  • Historical production analysis
Tablet with SPC@Enterprise application


Increase transparency and efficiency of your checkweigher

With SPC@Enterprise, you can collect, monitor, maintain as well as prepare and evaluate data from your production centrally and automatically with one tool. Use this data to increase product quality, complete audits, avoid unnecessary overfilling and save time. Two digitalization packages are available for this purpose:

  • Package Start: For a new system- SPC@Enterprise incl. Checkweigher options
  • Package Plus: For additional checkweighers- additional connection to SPC@Enterprise incl. Checkweigher options

* Valid until October 2022 when purchasing a new checkweigher, discount applies to digitization packages only (hardware excluded)

Advantages …

… for quality managers

  • Transparency of operations
  • Increased product quality
  • Evaluation and generation of statistics to meet legal compliance requirements
  • Support for various audits and control of critical CPs
  • Review quality-relevant characteristics of several production lines centrally at a glance

… for production managers

  • Fast identification of deviations and downtimes in production
  • Cost-optimized, more efficient production and less waste
  • SPC@Enterprise can grow with the size of the production due to its modularity

… for IT managers

  • Easy integration into existing IT system landscapes
  • Performance and security through direct coupling to the latest MS-SQL databases
  • Standard interfaces for connection to MES and ERP systems
  • Technical support throughout the life cycle

Average weight control with dynamic checkweigher

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