Tank and Hopper scales: With load cells, weighing modules and weighing electronics for efficient dosing batching and fill level monitoring

Whether storage tank or external silo, batching vessel, mixer or reactor - we offer tailor-made equipment for almost every hopper scale: digital and analogue load cells and weighing modules, innovative weighing electronics, reliable cable junction boxes and installation kits for a wide range of application requirements.

We offer a wide range of weighing solutions for checking fill levels as well as for batching and filling. At one end of the spectrum, these include cost-effective solutions for inventory control, where a weighing system accuracy of a few per cent is perfectly adequate. At the other end, we offer our customers high-precision solutions that enable the exact batching of a small component into a large batching container - even during a mixing or heating process.

Load cells for tank and hopper scales with a capacity of tons

If you are looking for load cells that enable hopper scales to weigh several tons, then the Inteco load cell is the right choice. It covers load ranges from 500kg up to a nominal load of 75 tons, making it versatile for silo and hopper weighing for dosing and filling processes as well as for fill level monitoring.

The Inteco load cell has a very robust "Made in Germany" design, which results in a long service life and therefore a high level of investment security for you. It has a large selection of accessories and installation kits. In addition, an optional product extension with the Converter Connexx allows the Inteco load cell to be used not only for analogue analog weighing, but also for digital weighing.

Guaranteed measuring accuracy of tank and hopper scales with the Novego® weighing module

We have developed our Novego® weighing module especially for the increasing demands of the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and plastics industries. The hygienic complete solution offers a wide range of innovative features for simple, error-free installation and maximum resistance to lateral forces.

Your advantages:

  • Hygienic weighing module for efficient cleaning processes
  • High process reliability and precision thanks to innovative lateral force insensitivity
  • Quick and easy commissioning thanks to smart installation parts
  • Durable, reliable weighing solution thanks to maximum corrosion resistance

Our service knows no boundaries

We provide you with all the components for your hopper scale from a single source - be it load cells, installation kits, weighing electronics and accessories.

We support you throughout the entire planning process: from the initial consultation to commissioning and maintenance.

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Weighing transmitters, indicators or controllers for displaying measured values for tank and hopper scales?

In order to be able to use the weight values for tank and hopper scales efficiently in the production processes, the signals from the analog load cells must be determined and passed on to the production control system. There are different technologies for this - from weighing transmitters to weighing indicators and weighing controllers. While weighing transmitters are usually located inside control cabinets and are responsible for forwarding the measured values, weighing indicators also have displays on which the weight values are already shown. Weighing controllers can also be used to perform control functions for the automation of weighing processes.

Weighing transmitter for tank and hopper scales

All our weighing transmitters are characterised by "SMART Calibration". Within minutes, you can calibrate the hopper scales without the need for weights or a flow meter. Each terminal is available with a wide range of interface options for seamless connection to control systems. One of our weighing transmitter highlights is the Link E, which is extremely robust and fast and impresses with its many interfaces:

  • Efficient weight transmitter with touch display
  • Fast and precise weight value control of three digital inputs/outputs
  • Quick and easy installation via web browser
  • Support for the most common global fieldbuses

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Further weight transmitters to choose from:

Weighing indicators for tank and hopper scales

The X3 weighing indicator stands out among our indicators. It has an impressive resolution of up to 120,000 steps, making it a highly accurate solution.

With its large format and easy-to-read display, it provides a clear indication of weight values, even in direct light. A remarkable feature is the convenient and extremely efficient calibration of the scale, which can be performed in just one minute without the use of weights





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Further weight indicators to choose from

Weighing controller for tank and hopper scales

Weight controllers are weight indicators with an integrated control function for the automation of weighing processes. With the Maxxis 4 und Maxxis 5 two weighing controllers that can either be freely programmed (programming language according to IEC61131) or equipped with the following predefined software applications:

  • BASIC - for simple weighing tasks
  • IBC - for single-component filling tasks
  • BATCH - for complex manual and/or automatic dosing tasks
  • ProRecipe XT® - for manual formulation and dosing tasks (Maxxis 5 only)
  • Truck - for vehicle weighing applications nur (Maxxis 5 only)
  • COUNT - for piece counting and manual check weighing (Maxxis 5 only)

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Further information Technical article and webinar

Technical article: How load cells and weighing electronics turn containers into scales.

In today's industrial landscape, system integrators and manufacturers of process vessels are faced with ever-increasing demands for precision, efficiency and quality. Integrating load cells as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) solution offers these companies a versatile and powerful way to provide process safety to their customers while optimising their own products and services.

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Webinar: Loadcell as central heart of weighing

This webinar provides in-depth insights into the portfolio of Load Cells and weighing electronics of Minebea Intec. This will be presented on a practical base by using examples of attained weighing applications to illustrate the benefits of the shown products. Basic introduction about a weighing system in general.

  • Introduction of Load Cells and weight transmitter portfiolio incl. application areas
  • Realized weighing applications and benefits of Minebea Intec weighing solutions

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Technical article: How load cells increase efficiency for pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical products are developed and manufactured in a highly regulated environment. In addition to high hygiene standards, a high degree of precision is required for pharmaceuticals. The exact dosage of active ingredients, the right mixture of ingredients and correct processing are crucial to ensure the efficacy and safety of the medicines. To meet these high demands, there are Minebea Intec's industrial weighing and inspection solutions. The experts in the company's design-in support also provide careful planning and advice on implementing or retrofitting high-quality components such as load cells, checkweighers, indicators, cables and junction boxes.

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Advantages of our solutions for tank and hopper scales Filling level in view, dosing process intact

✓ Weighing provides precise and reliable values regardless of the tank shape and the properties of the contents.

✓ Weighing does not require regular maintenance or recalibration and is extremely hygienic.

✓ Container weighing systems are robust and durable.

✓ All components come from a single source, are perfectly harmonised and guarantee optimum performance.

✓ Mechanical and electrical installation and commissioning are intuitive and quick.

✓ With "SMART Calibration", the scale can be calibrated in just one minute without having to establish a safe method to calibrate the tank with weights.

✓ Global certifications for custody transfer and Ex applications.

✓ Comprehensive range of data interfaces for connecting the load cells to any process management system.

✓Remote configuration, operation and monitoring of the weighing electronics via an Ethernet connection.

Examples of successful installations Let us inspire you!

Best Practice: High-precision pharmaceutical weighing solution

Our load cells are firmly established in the pharmaceutical, food, plastics and cosmetics industries, where the highest precision is required for dosing ingredients. From the filling of fine spices to the production of food supplements: Load cells are indispensable helpers that ensure the quality of the products manufactured. Find out how we implemented six hopper scales in the production process for liquid pharmaceuticals at Syntegon subsidiary Pharmatec from Dresden, a manufacturer of ultra-pure media systems and process plants.

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Best Practice: A high-precision weighing solution in hygienic design conquers the pharmaceutical industry

Logica Progetti was entrusted by a major pharmaceutical company with the realisation of a mobile container with a capacity of 350 litres for the production of pharmaceutical syrups. The application required a precise, reliable, hygienic and safe solution. Minebea Intec was chosen as the reference partner for the weighing system.

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Dive deeper into the world of weighing, dosing and level measurement Read our White Paper & How-to Guide

White Paper: Why hygienic design is in focus

In food production, product contamination by micro-organisms such as bacteria or fungi is a potential as well as omnipresent risk. It is therefore important to prevent contamination of all kinds and to facilitate its removal. A multimedia public also raises awareness of the importance of hygienic design. That is why more and more plant and machinery manufacturers, as well as manufacturers of individual components, are taking up this growing challenge.

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How to Guide: Innovative, hygienic, precise and easy to install

With the Novego® weighing module, Minebea Intec offers an innovative, hygienic and in many respects insensitive solution for weighing containers. In the free How-to Guide you can find out which features make the weighing module a strong weighing solution for a wide range of applications in the food industry.

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White Paper: Interfering influences on weighing results

External factors can have a significant impact on industrial weighing processes. For example:

  • Gravity & temperature fluctuations
  • Electrostatic forces & magnetic forces
  • Air currents/draughts etc.

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