How-to Guide Innovative, hygienic, precise and easy to install: The Novego weighing module

With the Novego® weighing module, Minebea Intec offers an innovative, hygienic and in many respects insensitive solution for weighing containers. In the free How-to Guide you will learn which features make the weighing module a strong weighing solution for a variety of applications in the food industry.

  • Hygienic weighing module for efficient cleaning processes
  • High process reliability and precision due to innovative lateral force insensitivity
  • Quick and easy commissioning due to smart installation parts
  • Durable, reliable weighing solution due to highest corrosion resistance

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Applications: Who is Novego® suitable for?

The Novego® weighing module was developed especially for the increasing requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries, but is also suitable for other industrial sectors thanks to its comparatively low pricing. In the How-to Guide you can find out in which applications Novego® scores particularly well.

What are the most important features of the weighing module?

Technological advantage is the sum of many details: from the extremely resistant steel used to the hygienic design, which saves time and money during cleaning, to the innovative height compensation - the Novego® weighing module convinces all along the line. In the How-to Guide you can find out in detail why Novego® pays off for the user.

For whom is this How-to Guide worthwhile?

The How-to Guide provides you with an overview of the most important applications and features of the Novego® weighing module. Find out how Novego® can also be a solution with added value for your weighing task.