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PURO: A scale of the digital age

Since the product launch, the Puro industrial scale series has been convincing not only because of its performance and affordable price: smart logistics, transparent processes, online tutorials, and an improved ecological footprint make Puro a product of the digital age.

In times of Industry 4.0, customers expect more than just reliable weighing technology: the entire package must be right - not just the product alone, but the complete product cycle is important: from the ordering process to the service case, Minebea Intec and its partners are there to support the customer. With Puro, the customer also receives the strong quality of a leading supplier at a fair price. With Puro®, the global leader in weighing and inspection solutions offers a complete package of performance, quality, features, and functions, enabling the broad and affordable portfolio that customers wanted.

Precise weighing results, flexible in use, and still affordable

In the beginning, the goal was to offer Minebea Intec's reliable weighing technology at an affordable price. However, it quickly became clear that Puro is not just an innovative industrial scale - but an overall digital concept. This starts with the smart logistics network: Registered dealers can conveniently obtain information on the Puro series via the online shop: Here, it is possible to see transparently what the availability of the respective models is and when the product is available. Customers who are not registered in the online shop can use the site to find the nearest dealer from whom they can order the product: Thanks to the broadly developed partner network, the weighing solution is at the customer's within a few days later. Thanks to the connection to an inventory management system, the figures given are 100% reliable.

"Through transparent communication of availability and delivery times, Minebea Intec offers exactly what customers want: Reliability from the manufacturer that starts with the order," says Product Manager Sebastian Pedroß. Proudly. "With the three supply hubs in China, the USA and Germany, we ensure that our more than 200 partners worldwide always have the right model available within the shortest possible time. This means that customers worldwide not only get the quality they are used to from Minebea Intec at an affordable price, but also within the shortest possible time."

How Puro convinces as a digital solution

But even after delivery, the customer - and the environment - benefits from digital solutions: via the QR code enclosed in the packaging, customers can access the Puro website, which contains all the information material on the industrial scale series: operating instructions, technical details, and exciting best practices that show the Puro in use by customers. Minebea Intec places great emphasis on reducing its environmental footprint by not using printed information material. This concept, coupled with the company's own initiatives such as "Zero Waste", should also ensure better environmental sustainability in the future.

The multitude of smart details in the product design also pays off. A typical example is the extremely long-lasting lithium-ion battery, which allows the Puro to be operated for up to 500 hours without a power connection. After unpacking the scale, it can be put into operation directly. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to learn the basic functions. To support this, Minebea Intec offers practical video tutorials on YouTube that briefly and concisely illustrate all the functions of the industrial scale.

Intuitive operation and best possible customer comfort

Large front and rear displays with LCD backlighting guarantee optimal readability, stabilisation in seconds ensures immediate weighing results and the tactile buttons ensure intuitive operation. Depending on the requirement profile, some models offer, for example, a rear display for readability on both sides, a traffic light LED for check weighing or non-slip feet for use in difficult environments. Across all models, there is a coordinated user interface that makes handling easier for the user. Puro's portfolio is still being developed: in addition to the Puro printer, other smart accessories are being planned, such as a barcode scanner that can be connected to the Puro counting scale. With this, barcodes of stored products can be easily captured. This makes tedious tasks such as stocktaking easy, even in smaller businesses. With Puro, the customer gets an affordable weighing solution that leaves nothing to be desired, from the first click when ordering to the smart accessories.

Smart portfolio continues to grow

Minebea Intec sees digital solutions for industry as a fundamental part of its portfolios. This is demonstrated by the latest additions: On the manufacturer's website, customers can find interactive offers to inform themselves: In addition to the free webinars with compactly conveyed expert knowledge, Minebea Intec also offers digital offers for other areas: The classic customer appointment can be replaced by a free appointment in the Virtual Showroom, practical online calculators help to calculate the return on investment.

Minebea Intec also scores in the service area: With the smart augmented reality service tool miRemote, the customer can establish a video connection to the service department via PC, smartphone or tablet if necessary. Through this, the technician can see what problem the customer has via the camera of the device used and can give direct instructions to possibly fix the problem quickly and avoid unnecessary downtime. "Our new Puro series of industrial scales is a good example of the holistic approach to digitalisation that we have been pursuing for several years, and which has even been significantly strengthened by the Corona pandemic," says Willy-Sebastian Metzger, Director Marketing & Business Development. "For us, the topic of digitalisation has the highest priority. We are pursuing two central approaches here. Firstly, increasing our efficiency and secondly, improving our customer focus. Therefore, digitalisation is reflected in all areas of our company. In new products such as Puro, in production and internal processes, but also in services and offers for our customers. This can be seen particularly well in our virtual showrooms or webinars, which we use, among other things, to inform interested parties digitally about weighing in the digital age.“ 

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