OEM Weighing kit

System components for reliable check weighing

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Images showing the Minebea Intec Weighing Kit for OEMs

All in one

All you need in one kit: indicator, plus three belts

Full functionality

Integrate a checkweigher functionality up to 120 pcs/min

German Quality

Durable and precise weighing solution, made in Germany

Different load ranges

Choose from a capacity of 0,6 up to 6 kg

Product details Strain Gauge OEM Weighing kit

The OEM weighing kit of Minebea Intec based on strain gauge technology allows you to integrate a mid-range checkweigher functionality into your machine or line.

The kit contains all needed components: indicator (built in or wall mounted), infeed, weighing and outfeed conveyors, motors, cabling etc. You can choose from 0,6 kg up to a capacity of 6 kg, and connect the system via various interfaces. 


  • Classification
  • Fill quantity control
  • Statistical process control
  • Weighing


Product type

  • Checkweigher
  • OEM Weighing kit

Product handling

  • OEM Weighing kit
  • Integration of a checkweigher functionality

IP protection class

  • Built-In: depends on client situation
  • Wall mounted: IP65


  • Stainless steel 1.4301

Product Enhancements

  • The dialog language is available in 5 languages
  • Product memory can store up to 100 products
  • The system has 3 password-protected levels
  • Individual weight data can be transmitted via serial interface, RS232 and RS485. Optional ProfiNET and logging system
  • Optional check of completeness with floating average
  • Optional USB Print

Webinar How to benefit from Foreign Body Detection

  • What are foreign bodies
  • Possibilities of foreign object detection
  • Performance limits of current technologies
  • Peripherals and monitoring

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