White Paper Weighing in hazardous areas

Expand your knowledge with our White Paper and increase the reliability of your decision-making processes when selecting suitable components

  • ATEX, FM and CSA directives and standards
  • IECEx certification
  • Explosion protection classes
  • Examples of static checkweighing
  • Silo and container weighing configurations
  • Weighing electronics, DMS cells, weighing platforms

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Ensure you have the right equipment for Ex zones

Explosion protection is an essential part of industrial safety technology. It is designed to prevent electrical equipment from igniting flammable substances in potentially explosive areas, thus preventing damage to people and operating facilities as far as possible.

The Ex zone must be classified in order to select the correct explosion-protected weighing electronics, load cells and weighing platforms. Which is the correct explosion protection class? In which countries are ATEX, CSA or IECEx certifications recognised? How do the zones differ from one another? The White Paper covers global directives and requirements and provides configuration examples for selecting explosion-protection equipment and using weighing solutions in hazardous areas.

Industry focus

The subject of weighing in hazardous areas is relevant in any environment where there are gases, dust or lint, or in underground locations, as all these factors increase the risk of explosion. Such environments include the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials and mining industries.

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The White Paper is aimed at production managers, system manufacturers, project engineers, health and safety officers, buyers in manufacturing companies, system integrators and mechanical engineers.