Load cell for container weighing

Weighing solution offers optimum performance and efficiency for acrylic glass manufacturers

Weighing solution for acrylic glass manufacturer Perspex International

Key facts

Perspex International manufacture acrylic sheet products which have endless applications across a multitude of industries. Accurate dosing is a crucial part of the production process.

Application & Product

A vessel weighing solution controls the amount of acrylic liquid that is discharged. Precise measurement results are key to avoid additional operational costs.

  • load cells Inteco Atex 1 PR 6203
  • 5 mounting kits with integrated constrainer Mini FlexLock PR 6143
  • Combics 2 CIXS1 Ex-Indicator

Customer benefits

The performance and accuracy of the Minebea Intec load cells improve the manufacturing efficiency

  • high accuracy class (C6)
  • corrosion-proof stainless steel
  • analog output signal 2 mV/V

"Not only were Minebea Intec the most competitive, they also offered insight and a solution to the problem. Since installation, the performance and accuracy of the Minebea Intec weigh system improves the efficiency of our system, ultimately helping us to minimise production costs."

Tom Eckersall
Project Manager Perspex International

When Perspex International started to experience problems with their 25 year old Minebea Intec PR 6201 load cell, they knew it was time to replace like for like. Their issues began with a software fault when the vessel was placed under full vac, as the system would read a negative weight resulting in a system lockdown.

Tom Eckersall, Project Manager for Perspex International commented ‘We originally went out to three other manufacturers for tender; but not only were Minebea Intec the most competitive, they also offered insight and a solution to the problem we were facing.’

The relationship between Perspex International and Minebea Intec goes back a long way, Mark Clifford, Business Account Manager for Minebea Intec in the UK and Ireland said ‘The team at Perspex International are great to work with; they appreciate the quality of our products and have seen the benefits first hand. They only started experiencing issues 25 years after installation which just goes to show, the additional initial outlay gives customers complete peace of mind. 

The long service that customers can expect from these machines is of particular interest where clients operate an Atex area where any maintenance brings additional challenges. The PR 6201 load cell that was in place before the new Inteco load cells is testament to the Minebea Intec quality; our silo and vessel weighing products are reliable, maintenance free and built to last.’

Minebea Intec provided equipment and services to Perspex International for a similar, successful installation back in 2012; Tom continued ‘Our only concerns with this project was the weigh system calibration and set up. However, working with the sales, engineering and servicing team at Minebea Intec has alleviated any concerns.’

The customer opted for service support to assist with the set up and commissioning of the weigh system as they felt they did not have the expertise on site to complete this effectively. Ongoing 24/7 on-site service support is available to UK clients in the future; however, at the time of purchase they felt this was not necessary due to the reliability of their historic purchases.


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