Dosing station with two weighing points

Station with table and floor scales for dust-free weighing and reliable dosing

Station with table and floor scales for dust-free weighing and reliable dosing

Key facts

To meet the wide range of customer requirements and applications, MIXACO were exploring ways to provide an all-in-one station solution which can be used for both dosing smaller amounts of ingredients and weighing the corresponding mixing tank.

Application & Product

Fitted with a bench and floor scale alike, the mixing station enables dust-free weighing up to 30,000 g, as well as up to 1,000 kg for reliable dosing.

Customer benefits

Together with the weight controller Maxxis 5, the reliable industrial scales guarantee precise weighing results and strict compliance with recipe specifications. More complex dosing processes can be implemented using the software ProRecipe XT.

  • precise measurement results
  • rugged design
  • for both simple and complex dosing processes

"Our company and products represent genuine high-end technology, Made in Germany. Our cooperation with Minebea Intec has provided us with a reliable weighing technology supplier who shares our quality-focused approach."

Guido Brand
Sales & Marketing, MIXACO

Dosing stations are used in numerous industries to ensure optimum mixing processes. Their precision allows for repeatable results and consistent product quality. A leading provider in mixing technology, MIXACO offer a high-end yet functional solution to cater for exacting and multi-faceted customer requirements. Seated in Neuenrade, Germany, the company draws on its own in-house German engineering competence, supplemented by weighing technology from Minebea Intec.

At the heart of the dosing station is a sturdy bench structure which, apart from holding the bench scale, also provides access to the floor scale. Both stages are equipped with extraction systems, enabling dust-free weighing. Dust can regularly interfere with weighing in the paint or chemical industries in particular: a dust-free application is thus a must in attaining precise weighing results.

The top stage of the dosing station features a high-resolution bench scale (e.g. Combics). This industrial weighing solution ensures safe dosing of smaller amounts of ingredients which can be filled directly into the mixing tank underneath. To ensure that all ingredients listed in the recipe are provided in just the right quantity, the bottom stage of the dosing unit has a 1,000 kg IF series floor scale which has a particularly low platform, enabling easy positioning and weighing of mixing tanks.

Both platforms are connected to the weight controller Maxxis 5. In addition to ensuring precise weight display in both weighing ranges, the weight controller uses bespoke software applications to facilitate multi-component dosing and allows for connection to master systems.

For more complex recipe requirements, the software ProRecipe XT offers a number of additional options – also available in a tablet-based mobile version.

MIXACO have customers from the most diverse of industries. Over time, the precise dosing stations have proven invaluable to numerous companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and paints industries.



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