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New load cells PR 55, PR 58 and PR 79 High-precision load cells for demanding applications in industry

With the LC series load cells from Minebea Intec, a world-leading manufacturer of industrial weighing and inspection technologies, you can rely on the most accurate weighing results. Minebea Intec has now completed this product series with the two single point load cells PR 55 and PR 58 as well as the beam load cell PR 79. These high quality stainless steel load cells offer a reliable solution for demanding weighing processes in industrial environments and are all certified according to the international standards OIML, NTEP, ATEX and IECEx. These and other selected weighing components are now available via the online shop (shop.minebea-intec.com). Here, customers can quickly obtain product information and order the products directly.

Whether in the food, chemical, agricultural or building materials industries: single point and beam load cells play a decisive role in various applications. Be it in the weighing of containers or silos to optimise dosing and filling processes, for level control, in mechanical engineering or as an integrated component of checkweighers and platform scales.

The LC series load cells range from simple single point aluminium load cells like the PR 43 to hermetically welded variants like the new PR 55 load cell with a Y-value of up to 25,000 for high-precision applications. The new LC Nito PR 79 beam load cell is a true all-rounder. With load levels from 91kg to 5t, it can be used not only for platform scales but also for container weighing. "Our load cells impress with quality and a correspondingly long service life," says Yannick Salzmann, Product Manager Process & Weighing Products. "We have recently been able to further increase our throughput times by investing in our production, which means that our customers benefit from fast delivery times."

Load cells developed in cooperation with MinebeaMitsumi

Minebea Intec has worked closely with its parent company MinebeaMitsumi in the development and production of the LC series load cells. The MinebeaMitsumi Group is a listed Japanese corporation with over 92,000 employees worldwide with headquarters in Tokyo. The company is active in various industries and produces, among other things, high-precision manufacturing parts such as ball bearings or motors. Through the cooperation in this project, both sides were able to optimally utilise their competences. The partnership guarantees the high quality and reliability of the load cells. "Together with MinebeaMitsumi, we are proud to offer high-quality load cells that meet the needs of our customers," says Yannick Salzmann.

Everything from a single source at Minebea Intec: comprehensive consulting and services

At Minebea Intec, customers receive high-quality weighing and inspection solutions such as the new load cells. The company also offers comprehensive consulting and service quality. "We accompany our customers through the entire process from incoming goods to outgoing goods," says Yannick Salzmann. In addition to load cells, the product portfolio includes high-resolution platform scales, checkweighers, metal detectors, visual inspection systems, X-ray inspection systems, price labelling systems and intuitive software solutions. "We are happy to address the individual requirements of our clientele. Our experienced team is available to answer all questions in order to realise demanding weighing processes in the industrial environment in the best possible way."

For more information about Minebea Intec's new load cells, please refer to the How-to Guide "Single Point Load Cells: Features, Advantages and Applications".

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